DIY Trapper's intercooler sprayer(picture heavy)
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This is a discussion on DIY Trapper's intercooler sprayer(picture heavy) within the Engine Performance forums, part of the Tutorials & DIY category; Hey all so I'm ready to do my first DIY for the forum and as the title states it will ...

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    Cool DIY Trapper's intercooler sprayer(picture heavy)

    Hey all so I'm ready to do my first DIY for the forum and as the title states it will be a intercooler sprayer.
    Attached is a set of pictures showing the necessary tools, materials and even optional parts you may want to use to complete this install.

    Keep in mind this is my first DIY which will be updated more once I get home and can take better pictures of everything as its been modified to give you all a better idea of how everything should look.

    1st using the stepless bit drill out the end of the pvc cap so that it makes a very very tight fit when you insert the 5/8 vinyl tubing into which will create a good seal for later.

    2nd using your Philips screw driver dismantle the top of your 72oz bubba jug top lid and remove the vanity top plastic piece that sits ontop of the main lid portion and drill a hole into the top on either side of the top lid to make room for your 3/4" threaded 5/8 barbed plastic 90 degree fitting. ( this should be small enough to allow the 90 degree fitting to thread into the hole without damaging the threads)

    3rd screw your 90 degree fitting into your newly cut hole on your bubba jug lid.

    4th step screw your drilled out pvc cap onto the threaded side of the now screwed in plastic 90 degree fitting.

    5th step measure and cut a piece of vinyl tubing to fit into the now drilled pvc cap with the other end 1/8" from the bottom of your bubba 72oz water jug.

    6th step using your scissors cut a small patch of plastic screen material and zip tie it to the end of your vinyl tubing that will be at the bottom of your bubba water jug( don't over tighten so you don't kink the tube)

    7th step unscrew your pvc cap from the fitting and half way unscrew the 90 degree fitting from your lid now that you have test fitted everything and have it at the lengths you want it at and apply your silicone to the threads and to the base of where each fitting will meet the cut bubba lid to provide and even better seal. now tighten everything down and make sure you end up with your 90 degree fitting facing inwards toward the center of the lid on the top side as well as the bottom hose angled towards the opposite side that it enters the bubba jug ( the hose has a natural curve to it which makes this easy).

    8th step allow the silicone to cure 24 hours at least!!!!!

    9th step cut a piece of vinyl tubing and attach it to your windshield washer motor and the other end to the 5/8 barbed 90 degree fitting( just long enough to attach the two)

    10th step cut 2 small slits where the washer motor rests on the lid allowing for a zip tie(wide ones not tiny ones) or hose clamp, it's your choice and secure the washer motor to the lid(you can seal the 2 slits with silicone).

    11th step take your 16 gauge wire and attach 2 16 gauge wire connectors to the ends of the wire and crimp them on.

    These next steps are for a simple install and do not include the ne555 delay timer board. ( if you know what you are doing than you can follow the simple wire diagram they come with)

    12th step measure and cut your wires from your switch to your washer motor to your battery and make sure to do the connections to your momentary switch by adding heat shrink tubing and then soldering and then shrinking the tubing over the soldered connection. next attach your crimp connectors on the other ends of your wires and connect them to your pump.
    not going to go into high detail here as this involves doing electrical work and it may seem mean but if you don't have a basic understanding of electrical wiring than you probably should get that before doing this.

    13th step now that your wiring is done and everything is clean and you've done proper cable management its on to the washer tubing and fabricating if your sprayer mounts.
    there are 2 screws that are located on the front of your intercooler where your hard line breather tubes mount to. (the black metal tubes that are screwed into the front of the intercooler)
    take your stainless steel sheet metal and cut a a strip of metal 4" by 1 inch longer than the center point of the 2 screws that secure the black hoses. cant remember the length (ill update this later with it once home). using your sheet metal benders bend it into a metal lip so it sits up parallel to your intercooler giving a nice platform for your sprayers to mount into. to make this mount stronger bend a small section of the edge back and under its self to make it more rigid.

    14th step you can use scrap card board for this bit to figure out where exactly you want your sprayers to sit and face for maximum coverage of your intercooler's core.
    Next ensure there are no sharp edges and measure twice then drill 2 small holes on your newly formed mounting bracket for your ic sprayers. next secure your washer sprayers facing inward towards the center of the intercooler.
    **note** the stock intercooler shroud may need a slight modification to accommodate the 2 sprayers. modify how you see fit if you think it needs it.

    15th step using your washer tubing measure and route it so that the tubing is out of the way. make sure to plumb the 2 washers for even flow placing your Y shaped tubing connector in such a location to allow for even flow after the split. Also attach 2 one way valves in between your washer sprayers and the y connection to prevent them from leaking or dribbling. Measure and cut the rest of the tubing and connect it to your washer pump that's attached to your bubba jug.

    16th step final step ADD ice water and enjoy your new ic sprayer. ( the screen I had you zip tie to the end of the pickup line prevents ice chunks from destroying your pump)

    ***this next bit is completely optional***
    in-between steps 11 and 12 this is where you will want to wire up your ne555 timer. it has a potentiometer adjustment of 0-10 second so you can adjust it to spray for 0 to 10 seconds per push of the button. (3 to 5 seconds is best IMHO)
    the second optional part is a choice I made because I wanted a more convenient for me button location for the sprayer. the B&M shift knob I bought has a button right on the knob which eliminates the need to reach over on the left of the steering wheel to use the sprayer. you will need a shift knob thread adapter to make use of this as it only comes with SAE threads.
    I have my hand on the Shifter most often while driving so it seemed like the best most ideal switch placement.

    This mod is for a 2013 sti hatch back and does require a supporting mod which is a battery relocation to the trunk. ( doing a write up for this mod)
    You can if need be substitute for a small bubba container if you so choose to as they make smaller versions of the same container.
    The bubba 72oz container unmodified says they keep liquids cold for 12 hours so that's why I chose this.
    The bubba lid has a anti suction relief grommet on it so you don't have to worry about that being an issue !!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	229730 <<<<<free helium balloons fun in the subie.

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