Hello All

I have an 04 WRX and the Turbo Inlet Pipe was cracked so I bought an aftermarket silicone one to replace it. Now besides the stupid issues of vacuum lines and the plastic fitting being brittle and braking I have one Major Issue. One the 04 WRX and I assume newer since it was first introduced on the 04, there is what seems to be a Pressure Sensor that was connected Directly to the original Turbo Inlet. It slid directly into one of the plastic fittings on the inlet, how ever the new inlet has metal hose fittings and does not slid into it / around it like the old one. Has anyone else run into this issue and could they Please help me out in coming up with a viable solution that will work. I have read another post on NASIOC that someone had the same issue but the suggestions there were to just bypass it because they didn't know what it did and it didn't seem to set off the CEL. I would rather not do this and keep it the way it was so if anyone has had this issue and actually found a solution, Please Help. Link to the NASIOC post is below...

Difficulty with Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose on a 2004 WRX? - NASIOC

Thank You All in advance for your Help!