1/16th mod hp????
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This is a discussion on 1/16th mod hp???? within the Engine Modifications forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; I recently bought a clean 02 rex wagon which had the 1/16th mod already on it. Ive driven other wrx's ...

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    Question 1/16th mod hp????

    I recently bought a clean 02 rex wagon which had the 1/16th mod already on it. Ive driven other wrx's without this mod and they are jumpier in acceleration(weaker in first).This mod seems to hold boost longer and earlier in 1rst and second gear. Its does something positive to driveability and the car seems stronger.Ive read dozens on posts ( pro and con)on the subject of this mod.What I want to know does anyone have any idea how many hp vs torque it adds?Just curious.....

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    most likley none. Your probably convincing your self that the car is faster. I did the mod and couldnt feel a thing.
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    At 14???
    shoot , I'd hit it at current age, on roof of the car, with cousin driving , neighbor and town priest in the back seat, and that kid from "N.Korea" riding shotgun.

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    put it back to stock.

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    Why back to stock??, I dont know if mine felt faster but the acceleration did feel to be smoother and maybe as a result,...harder, my car always had a jerky acceleration that was felt during 1/2-3/4 throttle in first and second. I was told the jerkiness was a result of the wastegate trying to dump extra boost.
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    When I had this, I would get a slight boost spike (approx 1psi) and it would settle back to normal boost. I don't think that it affected my ultimate hp, but it did seem to build boost quicker.
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