Got a couple of questions ...

Has anyone had any success with Air/Water intercooolers? Is the cooling good enough to make this conversion?

Has anyone played with the Legacy Twin-turbo or a set-up similar to it? I read a post (somewhere) about a Twin-Turbo set-up with a smaller turbo for quick spool-up and a larger turbo for top-end. Is it possible to have that same set-up with the WRX? If so, where in GA would I start loking for someone to do this. A friend from FL said there are alot of guys who MIGHT be able to do it down there in FL.

Is there any reality to the rumor of a shop making sleeper turbos? What I mean by this is the turbo looks just like the stock turbo in a WRX, except its a bb-turbo with stock numbers on it. Heard about this one from the same guy from FL.

I'm trying real hard to get Subaru parts on my WRX, but the "factory" stuff either doesn't match up, or it is nowhere near the 2002 stuff in power or reliability. Will I do better if I go to Japan?