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This is a discussion on "The BIG BOV thread" (Where all bov question threads get merged) within the Engine Modifications forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Heres the prob. I had my second HKS bov seize up on me sunday. It wasnt opening at all. From ...

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    TIAL bov issues..tech help needed

    Heres the prob. I had my second HKS bov seize up on me sunday. It wasnt opening at all. From what I was told is happening (and makes sence) is water from my open hood scope is getting in it, heating up, drying the rubber and making it stick. I tried oiling it up and nothing so I got a new valve.

    I got the Tial

    Now the Tial valve is only opening alittle bit at low boost, and doesnt at all at high boost (higher rpm's) wierd huh.

    Problems I know the car has through a check engine light check up

    - Fuel level sensor (cant be it)
    - CPS crank position sensor (keep this one in mind!)
    - Fuel vapor leak (prob. a bad gas cap and unrelated))

    I ran a Vacume check on the line going to the Valve yesterday BEFORE the new valve went on) it checked out fine "normal engine operation" it said.

    Today with Tial valve on I ran the V-check again and it came up the same but when i reved the engine it came back to idle and vacume read "late ignition timing" and stayed there. (My guess is late ignition timing is timing being pulled?? and when i reved it a bit the timing pulled?

    I don't see how the vacume could of went bad over night, or with the new valve on there. Im thinking that the CPS (CRANK POSITION SENSOR) is pulling timing and SOME HOW messing up my vacume???

    To answer some qs. that you might want to ask if you can help-

    -Its Tial BOV with 11lb spring (Im running 17psi so should be good there)
    and this Valve can not be adjusted.
    -I took the valve off and put it back on making sure everything was straight.
    -Vacume checked out fine yesterday but is talking sht today
    -no kink's in lines I checked 100 times.

    Of course theres always a possibilty that I got a bad valve. If not Im thinking something with the crank sensor with it some how messing up vacume (which ive asked around and was told it couldn't be, but in my eyes could still be)

    Any help will be greatly appreciated for I am a worrier haha!


    P.S new Crank sensor is in the mail...
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    wich blow off valve is the best

    i was thinking about buying a bov. i was wondering wich one has a nice sound while increasing hp.

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    doesn't increase hp...

    the forge is nice because you can tune it without any problems of running rich.
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    welcome to the club.

    quick tip for ya:

    do a search for BOV and youll see its not a good first mod as its all show, no go.

    spend your money on a better mod and thats the general concensus.

    hit up that search though and read the reviesws if you decide to still get one.

    GFB hybrid is the best ive *read* about, you can go from closed to fully atmospheric and everywhere in between.

    after reading youll see why the WRX doesnt need/benefit from one.
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    pretty much what they said, but if your set on a BOV, i think the hks ssq sounds excellent and i know of at least one person in particular who hasn't had any kind of problems. but if you want to hear the stock BOV, take out the intake silencer. thats what i did and i'm happy with it.

    good luck modding and welcome
    - chris
    04 wrx, 04 corvette, 66 GTO
    ACT installed at 36k...new Gears at 44k...

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    top right of screen in blue, second from the farthest right... SEARCH. this will be very helpful in finding the answers to many of lifes wrx related questions.

    I run a forge BOV with medium spring (100% atmsph.) I really like it... no problems, sounds good, and is one of the only BOV known to not cause problems
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    Dont know how long you have had your rex or what mods you have done as of yet. but a BOV will do one thing and one thing only. a different tone PISSSSS. that is no hp gain nothing. but if you want to here the bov from stock that works well after a few mods like upipe and downpipe as others can tell you then get like a AEM Cold Air Intake. then you will hear the bov like a loud fart. It wount have the whisle sound but it's cheaper.

    typing police "wich" j/p I do it all the time.

    welcome... if you are new to wrx-ing then I would say you have much to read. I would start with stickes then move to your next mad like uppipe search as there are many different MFG's of them. Also know there are a few threads on what wont cost much or anything. also worth looking at.
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    I would assume you don't need one, spend your money elsewhere.
    03 wrx - 300whp/270wtq
    Originally posted by zoophagy
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    Forge 100% open for my Stage 4 2002. Clean it every 5K miles, run 17 lbs w/ VF 34. Very nice, well made, and it has a great sound.

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    depending on you power level.. Stock is good

    Personally I'll be getting a bov for sound and to support future mods...
    Silver -02 Impreza WRX

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    you're really better off w/ the stock unit. surprisingly, it holds boost pretty well. although, there are some who say they have bad stock units. undoubtedly, there are probably flukes out there. but, until you're forced to switch to something b/c of an intercooler swap, stay stock. get an uppipe.

    sounds great, sure. but, there are many who have complained of bogging. it's up to you, though.

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    TurboXS BOV Question

    I recently purchased a TurboXS BOV with the WRX adapter kit which came with a metal plug for the return line to the intake. The instruction say to just plug the line and put the clamp over it which works fine, but I was wondering if anyone had cut the return line to about 2 inches and then put the plug in it so there isn't all that additional hose? Will this affect anything or would it actually help in anyways?
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    I didn't and it worked fine...one thing that might help is to use a different clamp, the factory hose clamp is a real b*#$@!! to use...use one of those screwdriver "screw-in" clamps....ahhh...too early in the AM, can someone please explain it for me...

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    Don't cut the hose. When your car starts running poorly and you replace the BOV with the stock one, you'll regret having cut the hose.

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    Originally posted by zoophagy
    Don't cut the hose. When your car starts running poorly and you replace the BOV with the stock one, you'll regret having cut the hose.
    +1. Or if you ever want to run a 50/50, you'll need that. I wish the hose was actually a little longer, its a b*tch to get around the valve without taking off the IC.
    --2004 WRB WRX--
    Still way too stock.

    Originally posted by MidnightFLAT4
    I like A/C for the sole reason that it makes the idle sound meaner.

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