So I need to preface this with some back ground info. I was tuned about 2 months ago when I put on a vf48, STi tmic, and a new turbo back on my 06 wrx. I also before that got a compression test and new one step colder spark plugs. I was getting a popping sound from my exhaust so I decide to do some data logs. Turns out I was getting roughness in a few cylinders ONLY at idle, once I get moving there is zero roughness and I hit full boost, no issues until I once again return to idle.

So I decide to pull my fuel injectors and had them flow tested and cleaned. Cyl 2 was dripping and cyl 4 was fair, the other 2 were good. Now all 4 are flowing excellent at the full CC of the stock 06 injector size. However, I am still getting that cyl roughness at idle with the exhaust popping sound. I am almost positive the fuel injectors were bad when the car was tuned.

My plan is to replace every exhaust gasket from the turbo back and then taking the car to my tuner for a retune, because I am sure the fuel trims are off and my idle is bad from having this current tuned map on bad injectors. I don't think I have an exhaust leak but I am gonna play it safe and buy good crushable gaskets.

Anyone have a similar experience or would like to chime in with any advice? Thanks for the help!