Grimmspeed or Perrin?
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This is a discussion on Grimmspeed or Perrin? within the Engine Modifications forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Ok guys so i have a question, it may have been asked and answered before, if so I'm sorry. But ...

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    Grimmspeed or Perrin?

    Ok guys so i have a question, it may have been asked and answered before, if so I'm sorry. But I just ordered all of my stage 2 parts (invidia tbe, accessport, and already got my perrin cai stage 2 tune from perrin). But my question is, that possibly in the near future i will be ordering a ebcs. I know that the grimmspeed one is great, and MANY people use them, which speaks for the product on its own. But, perrin claims theirs is better than the grimmspeed. Now i know that every company will claim that their product is better than the competition's. But whats the truth?

    So fire away guys, grimmspeed or perrin ebcs? Which one and why.
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    I've used both. I had a gen 1 GS that my tuner wasn't happy with, but it worked after some effort. Apparently the gen 2 is much better. I also had a gen 1 Perrin I ran on my wife's LGT which recently failed. I bought the newer Perrin EBCS after I contacted Perrin they said they would warranty the older one and give me a new one if I could find proof that I had purchased it new. I think I prefer the Perrin based on customer service and function and my tuner preferred it's ease of use over the GS. So, that's my .02. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either. You could always get a GS manual which even more people rave about over the EBCS.
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