Was wondering if anyone had it on 2013 wrx. Seems like I will have to do some adjustments to my tmic support arm (guess that's what you would call). And also the 1inch recirculating port really doesn't fit the stock tubing. Looks like it will do ok when I clamp it down really hard. I have the correct size recirc port (1inch) or I think I do. I'm running stage 2 and peak boost is around 19.5 psi, and run around -9.8 psi (around -20 in/Hg) but when I am coming to a stop (no brake) and coasting down I can hit -10.5 psi. Long story short I got the 12 psi spring put into the tial qr. Anybody running this setup and have any fitting issues on the installation or flutter/surge once you got it on.