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The plug for the extra o2 bung is solid. You can see it in the pictures above. There's no leaks and its quality steel. Invidia makes quality products. Im not sure what u mean by the bung being too shallow? I haven't installed a wbo2 sensor yet. No fitment issues at all. Bolted right up to the q300 and fitted like a glove.
I know that invidia makes top notch stuff for sure! Had a invidia TBE on my 06 wrx. Fitment was spot on. One of the reasons I am getting this set up in the spring for my new wrx.

Let me clarify a little bit on what i mean with the extra o2 bung. This is just off of some reviews I have read, not from personal experience. So it is only a speculation. However, apparently the bung that invidia put in thier dp's will not allow many of the wideband o2 sensors to go in all the way. I remember particularly a post from some guy stating that he had to have a shop custom fabricate the new bung that came with his wideband sensor in another location on the DP in order for it to work.

I dont know, Just something I remember. Thanks for the info though! Cant wait to get my exhaust come early spring. Will open a build thread when the time comes!