Hey guys, ive had problems with my 09 wrx, running tp stage3... i have catted cntracing turbo back, ingen cai, grimmspeed ebcs, cobb ap, fms fmic, turbosmart 50/50 bov... ect

Heres what happend, one night when i started my wrx there was a cloud of white/blueish smoke coming from my exhaust, at first i thought i blew my turbo seals, so i took off my piping near the turbo from my fmic and had oil in it, i searched on forum and saw that it may be normal blowby so i bought a grimmspeed aos hoping it would fix my problem... but guess what it didn't!

then i was thinking for sure it was my turbo seals, so i started looking for new turbo, (blouch 20gxt) but i saw a thread on nasioc about the 09 wrx cracked ringlands so to be sure what my problem was i did a compression test last night... test came out like this

looking from the front of the car

so the test confirmed i only have 80psi on the rear driver cylinder

so heres what i have in mind, ill pull the motor out myself with friends(ive swapped my mx-3 boosted kl a couple time and i have engine stands and engine hoist) but when it come to opening the engine up, im not too sure about it so i'd like to know if anyone ever did this and would be kind enough to give me a tips/guide/point me to some good how-to's, i dont mind paying but dont feel like paying a shop 90$/h to do it plus i wont learn if a shop does it for me...

i will be buying
Wesico forge pistons
Eagle rods
ARP headstuds
ACL main and rod bearings
new timing belt and pulley kit
gaskets and seals

anything else i should get?

Anyways hopefully someone here can help
me out im from ontario canada