After several long hours and some busted knuckles car is finally stage 2. I flashed it to Cobb OTS Stage 2 91-92 octane. I was going to do 93 octane but I wanted to double and triple check to make sure my normal gas stations all carried 93 since thats what the map notes called for. Im running the 91-92 map right now with 93 octane, which from the map notes is okay, i believe anyway.

Finally got the grimmspeed upipe installed (which was a pain) and the cobb downpipe (less of a pain) turned the car on, flashed to stage 2 with cobb ap right away. Started the car and took a quick second to check for any exhaust leaks, there was a bit of smoke at first last night but i assume that was some of the pb blaster burning off. I started it again this morning and minimal smoke for only 10 minutes.

So far everthing SEEMS great and sounds good, I wont know for sure until I can make sometime to start logging and have someone help me check that out. Still getting familiar with the AP, there seems to be a lot of useful features on it.

I dont plan on driving it much or hard till i get some logging done and get some help looking it over. aside from that everything is great.

Next on my list is shopping for the gauges and getting my ss brake lines installed. I also just installed rally armor mud flaps and they look great

Thanks alot for the input and feed back you guys have provided for all the posts ive made.