air con with torque
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This is a discussion on air con with torque within the Engine Modifications forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; hi guys its summer here in australia and i need air con lol so i decided to turn my air ...

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    air con with torque

    hi guys
    its summer here in australia and i need air con lol so i decided to turn my air con on ( first time with the new turbo not stock Td05 big 16g) and the car hates life when its on its hardeer to take off gotta rev it higher it runs rich during idle sometimes in the 12:4 - 13:0 but when your cruising itss ok

    with the stock turbo it did make a big diffrence when the air con was on but with this turbo its just a real mission especailly on a hiill considering its a 2.0 i expect it but any way to improve it? without the air con its ook to drive, does anyone elese experiencing this? and for those who have a 2.5 hows the drivability with the air con on?

    i want to do a 2.5 sti conversion soon with forged internals...

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    Its awful. There is noticeable decrease in performance, that and with the defroster.
    But its not so hard that I have to rev it higher, just feels like it's a little bogged.

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    You drive a four cylinder car,what did you expect? It's called parasitic loss. I can't think of any small displacement/four cylinder car this doesn't effect. Tuning throughout the whole rpm range and especially for "off boost" power may slightly minimize it. - Motive Tech: Parasitic Loss
    Fact Or Fiction: Do Electrical Systems Decrease Power? - Import Tuner Magazine
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