Hey All,

I'm in the Denver area. I have an 02 WRX Wgn with Cobb intake/airbox, Grimm UP, Invidia DP, Cobb Exhaust, Cobb Stage 2 Map.
It's a daily driver car only.

I wish to go to the next stage.

I plan on getting:
* E85 gas (with pro-tune, injectors below and fuel pump below)
* Process West TMIC
* Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors
* Walbro 255 fuel pump
* ??? turbo
* pro-tune

So, the question:
I would like a turbo with the following characteristics:
* bolt-on to 02 WRX
* 400..490 cfm or so
* ~330 whp or so
* fast spool up (3000 RPM or less would be nice)

I was looking at the Blouch TD05H-16G XT.

What do you suggest?