Hi everyone, well recently i did a conversion on my 2004 impreza and converted it using a 2002 wrx engine. However we are getting a fuel pump controller error from the brain. When i'm plugged into the brain of the car, its reading as a MY2002 AUS wrx..i am finding JDM & USDM drawings of the brain, but not the AUS...I have compared my brain to the JDM & USDM and it has differences in the pins and wire colors esp with the fuel pump signals.....the JDM & USDM has two wires - violet and a green/red strip....my AUS has only the green/red stripe and a mysterious light green/blak stripe coming from a totally diferent pin...I really i'm in a fix here. If any of you hav yur hands on an AUS model 2002 wrx ecu pin out please send me a copy or give the link where i can get it. many thanks to you all !!