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This is a discussion on Best route in your opinion - 300hp within the Engine Modifications forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Originally Posted by deli pastrami Thanks for the link, however I think I almost defecated myself when I saw the ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by deli pastrami View Post
    Thanks for the link, however I think I almost defecated myself when I saw the options for my car.'m so lost.
    Most people (including you) will go for the Syncro Helical setup for gears 1-4. It's really the best setup if you want 300hp+ and streetable. read up

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonicWagon View Post
    NOPE never a good idea to suggest a 300hp WRX to someone who wants reliability.

    one bad move and goodbye 3rd gear, hello 6 thousand dollar repair bill.

    so your saying its not possible to have a 300 whp wrx and be reliable?
    are we talking about some one who never power shift or launch the car?

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    [QUOTE=deli pastrami;2255409]I am aiming for the same power range. Ive got a 07 wrx and I'd like to have it around 300 whp as well.

    My personal upgrade path is as follows:
    I currently have a downpipe and exhaust and a pro tune. I believe that leaves me at around 245ish (not sure)

    Next I'm going to go with alcohol injectors and equal length headers from perrin along with a re-tune. I think that would put me at about 300 hp.

    While I'm at it, I would appreciate any feedback from others about my upgrade path XD

    I rarely launch my car or abuse it. I think Ive done it about 3 times since last august. I just want the speed.
    ************************************************** ********************

    you dont really need all that to get 300 whp hp.. i also have an 07 wrx and i am runing open source map ... its called xpt stage 3 race map which puts me around 292 whp on 94 oct gas.. the guy who runs the site and do the map is braden and is a great guy .. you send data log of the maps you buy and he sends you revisions back until everything is perfect.. next best thing from pro tune and his maps are amazing in my opinnion..

    i bought a css tmic for 300$
    vf39 turbo for 500$
    aps CAI and walbro fuel pump for 450$
    prodrive bcs for 100$
    cobb turbo back for 800$ ( can get a cheaper ebay one,does the job)
    and his map which is 150$

    the car runs super smooth and pulls all the way to red line

    i have spoken with the mechanics at my dealer and they told me the block is good up to 400 cranck hp ( dont know how much truth there is in that)
    and also from what i have read around here and nasioc the 06-07 wrx have much better tranny ( believe its the LGT tranny, some one correct me if i am wrong)

    so with this i dont ever power shift nor do i ever dump the clutch from any rpm and i expect the car to be ok for the next 4 years i am hopping..

    also spoke with the mechanic at the subaru dealer and he told me the same thing.. but keep this in mind you go modding your car and anything can happen even when your careful.. like they say you pay to play and like some one else said i got the car and was planing on leaving it stock and damn me i got hooked on modding like i was hooked on crack

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    WOW now im scared too mod my 05 rex anymore. i have headers, walbro fuel pump, upipe, just waiting to get time to install them, and going to have cobb on order. plus i got full exhaust on. and cai

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    Don't be scared, be conscious..
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    so is a 290 awhp for a 06 wrx a bad idea? Will the car still be reliable after modding it?

    access port
    down pipe
    bov? ( can it be used with stock TMIC?)
    new injectors
    vf39 turbo- maybe..

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    So what is the most (safe on trans) whp? Is stage two ok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlebro View Post
    So what is the most (safe on trans) whp? Is stage two ok?
    Probably stock hp... There is to finite answer because it all depends on how you drive.
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    now after reading this thread I'm nervous i wanted to modd my WRX and now after hearing the horror stories I'm nervous to even touch it i mean all i was going to do was catt dp cat back exhaust and v2 access port, i never knew how to power shift or launch a car, but now I'm scared cause i don't want to blow apart my car
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emsbuff124
    now after reading this thread I'm nervous i wanted to modd my WRX and now after hearing the horror stories I'm nervous to even touch it i mean all i was going to do was catt dp cat back exhaust and v2 access port, i never knew how to power shift or launch a car, but now I'm scared cause i don't want to blow apart my car
    When modding: you have to pay to play. If you mod your car and something goes wrong, expect to pay for all costs out of pocket.

    If you cannot accept that, then you should be keeping the car stock.

    By doing research, getting a custom tune for your car (it doesn't have to be extremely aggressive), and by not beating your car like an Iraqi prisoner, you should be fine with going StageII
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    Everybody is following the STi bandwagon....ughhh

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    Quote Originally Posted by elsuicida View Post
    Everybody is following the STi bandwagon....ughhh
    I love how my WRX is currently, but if I could do it all over again I would start with an STI.

    Then again, the WRX is cheaper to insure....
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    i got lucky when looking for my wrx. I found an 02 wrx at 100xxx for under 8k. Turns out when talking with the dealership that it had been an RS 2.5l impreza originally, and the previous owner had put all the time and money into swapping it with an EJ205, differentials, intercooler, turbo, sway bars, strut bars, replaced hood with wrx hood with an JDM sti hood scoop, Nameless catback exhaust, debadged trunk. I checked with carfax to see when the swap was done, and it was swapped at 55,000 miles, with a new ej205. SO currenty only having 60,xxx on the engine and wrx components, Insurance is only $55.00 . The car came from cali and had a california state emission inspection so i know it was tested against the strictest emissions in the country. Current mods.

    1. Nameless Catback with inidia catless DP.

    2. GrimmSpeed MBC

    3. Walbro 255l fuel pump

    4. STI Pinks top feed 560cc fuel injectors.

    5. GrimmSpeed Up-pipe.

    6. Kartboy Short Shifter.

    7. Open Source Pro tune @ 16 PSI

    Currently set at a safer boost since im still running the stock TD04 turbo.

    Future mod: Sti TMIC and still deciding on which 16G to go with since im running the 2.0l, i figure i would probably benefit more with a 16G , since my Rex is a DD.

    Like my tuner said, its all about how much you want to risk, aggressive and more likely from something to go tune. or a safe , more Daily Driven tune with less chance of something going. I would love to swap an STI 6 spd in since my tuner does them quite often for a fairly reasonable price. I geuss the way i look at it, I only paid 4k out of my pocket for my wrx since i used the money i got from my previous car ( 96 honda accord) towards the wrx. Insurance is 55 bucks a month. Engine only has 60,000k , figure the tranny swap will be anywhere between $4500.00 and $5,250. Plus mods n labor which was about $1500.00. For a grand total of about $15,000.......... only other thing i might look into would be an EJ25 short block but its my baby, my project, and would give me more personal pleasure knowing where it was before, to where it is today, and that alone is almost priceless. So its all personal pref, some are set on buying brand new wrx/sti , since they see as buying used is not an option for them. Or others want a project and want the challenge and excitement of transforming your rex into you unique and one of a kind car
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    A lot of time put into that long of a post just to bump a 4.5 year old thread...
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