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This is a discussion on sub question within the Electronics/Car Audio forums, part of the Interior Mods category; my subwoofer did not come with the little "ring" that goes between the woofer and the enclosure to make it ...

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    sub question

    my subwoofer did not come with the little "ring" that goes between the woofer and the enclosure to make it air tight. what should i use as a replacement? rubber, silicone, ...etc. when my bass hits, i get a little "buzz". it's like a tiny vibration but it distorts the bass sound. i took out the sub and played it out of the enclosure and it sounds fine. so it must be a little space between the woofer and the enclosure when it is mounted in the bass tube.

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    If the driver is a popular model you can order a ring specifically for it; you might try Madisound or some place like that.

    You can also cut your own with rubber or even cork. Think of it as a simple gasket.

    You can use silicone to seal it up but it'll likely be messy and smelly.
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    go pick up a roll of adhesive foam weatherseal from home depot. It's a flexible foam strip about 3/8-5/8" wide. Just stick it around the hole, and put the sub on top. It will compress as you screw it in and form a nice, tight seal.

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    what he said ^ ^ ^ ^
    Those fools, EVO vs. STi??? That's like comparing ....wait a minute...there's no comparison. The Suby's still working!!! The evo...well... I hope he got the extended warranty.

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