When I bought my Saabaru last year, the guy told me he had upgraded all the door speakers to Alpine Type-S's along with the Pioneer deck. He had a sub so the crossover on the deck had most all low frequencies tuned out of the speakers. I have been running "sub-less" since I bought it and subsequently added the low frequencies back in. The doors have always had a rattly sound to them when they are turned up, but lately the passenger door speaker has sounded ridiculous. Today I took it apart and sure enough, the surround is blown out on the speaker.

Here's my question....how can a fairly standard Pioneer head unit cause a surround to tear like this?:

Here is the spacer that was used to mount the speaker in the door....I wasn't able to really tell, but if the door card was contacting the speaker, could it have torn the surround?

Last question....any suggestions on some replacement speakers being run off a decent Pioneer head unit?