'04 wrx sedan. Not all that thrilled with the factory system, but I could live... my biggest complaint is the bass. either theres always too much, and it dilutes everything and sounds horrible, or its barely noticable. theres no sweet spot. I know nothing of subs, amps and brands...so any info is appreciated. What I want, something to get the bass out, make it known, without diluting EVERYTHING else. good sound, reliable manufacturer...but without breaking the bank. I need the whole set up, sub, box, amp, any wires not included with both that are needed. Next question, cabin or trunk? I would prefer cabin somewhere, but we all know there isnt much spare room in there without removing a seating option (which isnt all bad...who says I want to be a taxi?), so the trunk is a fine option...but I tend to use my trunk on a daily basis. my gear for the fire department, and anything I need for work (landscaping/treework), that I provide. Dont want to risk it boucing around on my country roads and damaging something... Thoughts?