Need help! New speakers
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This is a discussion on Need help! New speakers within the Electronics/Car Audio forums, part of the Interior Mods category; Whats up everyone - I'm looking to purchase an upgrade to my speakers on my 2011 WRX. I'm looking at ...

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    Need help! New speakers

    Whats up everyone -
    I'm looking to purchase an upgrade to my speakers on my 2011 WRX. I'm looking at getting Alpine SPR-60c 6.5 in speakers and an Alpine PDX-F4 amp. Do you guys think I should get two sets (4 total) of component speakers or one pair of components speakers and a pair of coaxial speakers? Any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks.

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    Skip rear speakers. Run the OE speakers off H/U power.

    Focus all of your money up front, where you'll be sitting 99% of the time, along with proper tweeter placement (READ: NOT in the OE location), sound deadening, and a subwoofer.
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    I think you should purchase only Alpine SPR-60c 6.5. It will be a great choice at will give you very good output.
    I have a little such experience and was quite happy on my choice.
    Hope you also will enjoy thus choice.
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    definitely not two sets of components, that'd just mean you'd have to fabricate mounting locations for the rear tweeters which is just extra work. plus it would probably pull the sound stage back instead of keeping up front where you want it.

    I just got a 2 sets of (1 pair) Image Dynamics CTX65 components and (1 pair) coaxials. I'm guna run the crossovers passive cause i didn't feel like order 3 amps (sub, front stage, and rear).

    But if you just got the components you could run them in an active setup (run wire from the amp to the mid bass drivers and the tweeters making the 4 chs).

    The pdx amps are small and pack a punch, although the newer version (forget their name) are of higher quality. the spr-60c's are 110 watts rms, and the pdx f4 is 100 watts rms at 4 ohms.

    in my personal opinion, i'd rather have some overhead on the power side and adjust my down gains appropriately. Some other options Sundown Audio 100.4v2 100 watts(underrated), 125.4 125 watts (underrated) (450 & 500 $$) alpine pdx f6 150 watts (newer or older version (same prices as sundown). or you could go less expensive. i just got a Polk PA D4000.4 125 watts rms ($300). anyway, stay with a full range d class amplifier. people will make the argument that A/B sound better, but the new class d's sound great use less power, don't get as hot, and are much smaller. plus unless you're an audiophile you wouldn't hear a difference

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