Ever since getting my WRX I started saving up for a new head unit. The only thing I was really interested in was having navigation, bluetooth and iPod. After seeing what has been announced at CES in the last few days I have really had my eye on the Alpine INE-S927HD. My only question is if an iPhone or iPod can be directly hooked up (using the standard apple cord) to play music. I don't care about being able to view video off the iPod or use apps; I just want to be able to charge it and play music. Just wondering if any people on here had any newer Alpine units and knew whether a standard USB cable would work. I would like to maintain a stock look, so my plan is to route a new USB cable from the back of the Head unit to the center console where the stock USB input is now. Just wondering if this is possible or if I have to use the stupid interface cable that every company (besides Clarion) seems to use.