Blew the voice coil in my sub over the weekend on the beginning of a long trip... The song playing had some serious bass than the other songs and it cut out. The amp went in protection mode so I had to turn the car off and on again. Tried playing some music but hear scratching coming from the sub then just gave out. I admit I did not do any breaking in of the sub and just basted it when I got it in June. And I properly set the gain structure.

Just got the new replacement sub today and installed it. But I'm glad I did blow the one I had. The mounting for my Audio Integrations box was broken at the top. There are two points where the box is attached, the bottom uses a bolt, the top uses a screw.

It's not the strongest connection and the metal plate it was attached to on the car being the paneling was bent and dislodged. Which was making sense because I was starting to hear a lot of new rattling going on back there. And when I was installing it originally, I could have over tightened that screw and not realized it.

Luckily nothing was broken just missing a screw on one side for the metal bracket. And rather use the screw that was originally used to mount the box that was almost about to lose I used a bolt and some washers. Hopefully that will help.

What the enclosure looks like