Hey guys, I have a new pair of replica JL Audio Stealthbox 10" fenderwell enclosures for 10" subs. One is 6" deep and renders .8cf, the other one is 8" deep and renders .9cf. This means essentially that I will have a higher Q and FHz tune on the passenger's side... the IC Sprayer tank and pump/hose are accounted for by the design of the passenger side enclosure, and it actually makes for a good use of space and a sturdy and tight fitment. It's just gonna punch harder whilst not hitting quite as low a note as the driver's.

This vendor admits to copying the JL Stealthbox offerred in the S204, a single ten inch 10w3 subwoofer and a little JL amp went together in the fender... not bad... well, this guy made a reverse mold and pulled a passenger side box out of it, and now has stereo pairs of this sub enclosure, but the interior cubic airspace is a hair smaller... one side has a MD of 6", the other is 8", and with mounting rings, I can use any sub.

Here's where I am with this. Mounting depth isn't a problem, I can make HDPE spacers all day. I can also make them look spiffy with a grinding into the organic shape of the trunk and enclosures, and paint them after a good cleaning up and priming.

I'm looking for $250-300 a sub, or less. It's a pair... I want 4 ohm single coil subs with a lot of excursion, a steady BL, a really low Q, and a coil with some thought put into heat, backplate to coil relationship...
What subs made you lose your rearview mirror?
What sub made your favorite song come alive in front of you?
I can use 9" subs also... don't exclude your experiences with them please...!

Please don't tell me to get a pair of Fi BTLs. I have competed, and been an installer for over 10 years, and I'm looking for experienced input. Thanks! No thousand dollar subs... install pics are welcome, but don't recommend it... I can't afford it. $600 or so for a pair is OK with me.