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    Amen brother. I'm still with factory speakers + Sound Ordinance sub under driver's seat & Kenwood KDC-X993 to replace factory HU and the system is awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YorkWRX11 View Post
    I was talking with the dealer the other day. THe one that comes in the audio pack is the under the seat sub which he actually told me sucks. The trunk mounted kicker sub is supposed to be a lot better.
    I had the seat sub in my '04 WRX Wagon and it sounded pretty darn good, IMO (and even better once attached to a JVC HU with dedicated sub control). It wasn't 'boomy' (if that's what you're looking for), but it was pretty even and handled everything except the lowest bass (i.e. less than 35Hz or so). It does have a little slotted pot on it to control the gain on its amp. If it's not set right you could get little to no bass or really overloaded, depending. I set bass for flat on tone controls with the factory HU and then adjusted the gain. With the new HU, all that was then needed was to pick a happy sub level setting. I had no rattles in the '04 with it.

    I'm currently considering either using my old Alpine 12" with 300 watt amp (that I used with a '93 ProbeGT) with an Audio Integrations box in the trunk or getting another under-the-seat sub for the '11 WRX. The Alpine puts out so much bass that it can cause all kinds of hard-to-eliminate rattles. It can be very difficult to tame various standing wave issues, etc. as well plus it takes up a bit of trunk space. I'm not sure if it's worth it given I was happy with the '04 seat sub. I had both cars for a year together and the Alpine had good and bad qualities. It could play really low and punch really hard, but it was also a bit boomy despite my attempts to tame it with the parametric equalizer, a sound meter and a test CD. Sympathetic vibrations had a lot to do with it, I think. Even so, I had it sounding 10x better than what the audio dealer tuned in when he installed it. The '04 had no such problems. It just couldn't do the very bottom end for deep bass songs (i.e. 30Hz or less).

    Hmmm, on second look, it appears Audio Integrations only has a box for a 10" sub on the '11 WRX Sedan. Previously, I had thought I had a 10" driver in the old box, but a quick measure proved me wrong; it's a 12". I'd have to buy a new 10" driver to use the new box. That adds to the cost.
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