Hey guys, I'm new here, but I though you all may want to see the stereo install my cousin and I have been working on for my 2006 Subaru WRX Limited.

pics.Attachment 90258

I removed the old head unit and mounted the pocket that came with the stereo to the brackets that I removed from the head unit. It took us a bit to configure everything because the head unit did not fit properly. It wouldn't fit behind the bezel and it was about a quarter of an inch too wide on each side of the head unit. Sooo... When in doubt, pull the dremel out. lol. This is the newly adapted bezel with the pocket mounted already.

Attachment 90259

Then we decided to see how the bracket that came with the stereo would mount in the opening in the bezel. We ground the bezel just enough to place this bracket in. This is a photo of the bezel with the bracket placed in it. What worked out perfect was the lips on the brackets at the top. When we slid the bracket in it was a bit snug but it stuck right in place. We set the tabs on the bracket so that it would not slide out. This is a photo of the bracket mounted in the bezel.

Attachment 90265

Once this was in place we connected all of the wires for the stereo and slid the stereo in. All was set and the stereo works great. The pictures aren't the greatest but it is hard to tell that we custom fit the stereo into the car. Unless of course you own a subaru. Here is the stereo after the finished install.

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I also built with my cousin a subwoofer enclosure with a Pyramid amp and a capacitor. I ran the wires along the trap on the driver side. I ran the rca cables straight up the middle. To get all of these wires in place it probably took me around three hours but you cannot see any of the cables except where they run to the sub box. The box is designed with a slant on the rear, this makes the box set flush with the rear seat and I am still able to access my spare tire. Here is a photo of the sub enclosure. Let me know what you think and show me what you've got. I would love to see some pics of other owners set ups. Thanks for reading, comments appreciated!

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