03 WRX - Stock Sub with Aftermarket Head Unit Question
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    Question 03 WRX - Stock Sub with Aftermarket Head Unit Question

    Hey guys,

    I have a 2003 WRX.

    I replaced the Head Unit a year or two ago with a Sony Xplod deck, it has 52W x 4 pre-amp, etc...
    I used a Circuit City plug-n-play harness.
    I also replaced the front door speakers and rear door speakers with Alpine's (front) and Phillips (rear).

    After replacing the head unit and speakers, my stock subwoofer stopped working, so I unplugged it.
    The sound is still pretty good with the speakers but I kind of want to use my stock sub still.

    Any idea why the stock subwoofer stopped working, does it have anything to do with the plug-n-play harness from Circuit City, or the speaker replacement?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Did it ever work after the install? If not then it's not installed properly. If it quit working shortly after then it's probably no good anymore. I keep telling people, I've had experience with three OEM subs, and all three ended up in the trash.

    For $90-$100 you can get an aftermarket sub that will fit in the same place and sound much much better.

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    you loose your factory sub with aftermarket radios

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    The OEM sub will work with most aftermarket HUs. The subs simply tap off the front or rear speaker outputs.

    A few of the OEM sub models (around 2002) also connect to a 5th-channel output (the HU has an extra 8-pin socket). Sounds like yours is this type. Easy to fix -- you just need to jumper two pairs of wires. See this post in my 'Stock HU info' thread (post #5). Also see post #4 above it.

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    you just have to tap it... I did it myself with my pioneer avic deck and the stock sub woofer.

    It's super easy to do. Took 20 minutes including removal and reinstall time.

    There's a how to on nasioc
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