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    Question Need help with 2 options


    I am having trouble with my amp selections and what to do.

    Option #1
    Head Unit: Pioneer - DEH-P410UB

    Front Speakers - Infinity 6030cs -- 90RMS @ 2 ohm
    Rear Speakers - Infinity 652.9i -- 75RMS @ 2 ohm
    Subwoofer - Rockford P3D412 -- 150-500RMS (but I am confused because you can wire at either 2 or 4 ohm, so at what is the rating at - 500RMS @ 2ohm or 500RMS @ 4ohm??)

    Front Amp - Kicker 08ZX200.2 - 100RMS @ 2 ohm
    Rear & Sub - Kicker 08ZX550.3 - 2 ohm RMS: 85x2, 420x1....or depending on the sub being 4 ohm, 210x1 @ 4 ohm.

    Wiring kits: Kicker CK8
    Rockford RFK4X

    Option #2
    Head Unit: Pioneer - DEH-P410UB

    Same speakers and subwoofer as Option #1.

    Amps: Rockford R300-4 -- 75RMS @ 2ohm
    or Pioneer GM-6400F -- 75 RMS @ 2ohm (leaning toward the Rockford)

    Rockford R500-1 -- 320RMS @ 4ohm, 500RMS @ 2ohm (depends on the subwoofer at 2 or 4ohm)
    or Alpine MRP-M500 -- 300RMS @ 4ohm, 500RMS @ 2ohm
    Leaning toward the Alpine only because it is a Class D amp, Rockford is AB...which would be the better of the two

    Wiring kits: Kicker CK44 -- 4 channel kit
    Kicker CK4 -- 1/2 channel kit

    Of the 2 options which would you choose and why. I am more leaning toward the Option 2 but would Option 1 be a better choice??

    Thank you for your help. I don't think I will be running the amps at 100% but around 80% so they will last longer but that could always change. Again thank you for your help.


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    i'd do the second option that way all the speakers are powered by the same amp. it'll probably lead to more balanced sound, i would think.
    and i've always been a fan of a dedicated sub amp since it will be the one working the hardest.
    go for the class d amp for the sub and as for the mains i've had great experiences with both pioneer and r.f. for amps so go with price i guess.

    sounds like it will be a killer setup anyways
    rock on!


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