Okay i have a 2008 Subaru impreza outback sport. My parents want me to keep the car stock...not happening. IM going to start off with a sound system. What i want is to buy subs for under the front two seats with a switch that i ca n turn the subs on and off with. I need to buy a converter kit so i can connect it to a stock radio (any one know how to remove this head unit?) So i bought a 10 inch shallow series sub from pioneer and im going to box it as soon as it comes in. Now i need help with what amp i should buy,(something that i can hide so my parents cant see it) and what converter i need.

You think it will sound uneven if i dont have a subwoofer under each seat?

Also i am looking for a cold air intake for the car. Thing is that it has that stupid sensor thing so i would need to screw it into the new cold air intake. Hope you can help, thanks Erik.