so ive been workin on my system little b little i got a kenwood head unit a nice set of alpine componets for the front and some sony 5 3/4 i think...(its been awhile since i installed them. and just last week i got a mtx Road Thunder Pro RTP202, TCE4512A ported enclosure with one 12" Thunder4500 subwoofer. i got it on sale on crutchfield...i was a little hesitent to buy but i t had some good reviews so i got it. when i got everythin hooked up i really was disapointed i just dont think it sounds good. any suggestions from anyone. i know its a small amp but it def hits ok, the ported box helps some. but overall it sounds like sh%t in my opinion. and the amount of rattles that the car has does not help. the main on i think is the brake light in the window. any help or ideas will be appreciated. thanks