So I purchased a group of four upgraded Kenwood speakers to compliment my Kenwood headunit. 6.5" for the from and 5.25" for the rear. Figured I'd install one tonight before I tackle the rest tonight and for some reason it just seemed like a total pain in the ass compared to other cars. I got it isntalled, but it took very long for just one speaker. Had to make a small spacer, but it worked well. Maybe I'm just being impatient but does anybody have any great tips or anything to make this job a little easier? Also, it seems like that there is a corner piece of the plastic door panel for the interior that does not sit flush against the actual door near the speaker on the rear door. When I look at the other side in the rear it looks like it came this way from the factory.. anything to relieve this? Any insights, tips, and tricks would greatly help.