my washing steps =)
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This is a discussion on my washing steps =) within the Detailing Forum forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; first i would like to say i have black(PITA) w/ sti wing(ughh) ok here is wat i use 1)Meg NXT ...

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    my washing steps =)

    first i would like to say i have black(PITA) w/ sti wing(ughh)
    ok here is wat i use
    1)Meg NXT soap
    2) 2 different absorbers
    3) a terry towel
    4) black magic tire shine
    5) Meg's cleaner wax

    ok my steps are the following...
    1) use terry towel to wash the wheel and tires first
    2) rinse down the car with MY HANDS ( to get all the dust and sane off the car so my towel doesn't drag them later)
    3) use one of the absorber to wash the car with(i use this b/c it seems to be one of the softest materials around)
    4) keep the whole car wet while rinsing soap off
    5) use other absorber to dry the car ( takes the most time due to all the leaking drips of water coming from the wing and the side mirrors)
    6) open the doors and dry them
    7) windex the windows
    8) then finally dry the rims(which should be dirt free) and tire shine the tires =)
    9) maybe wax it =p

    well these steps really help alot, but please give me your opinions

    P.S the rinsing of the car with your hands really really help with preventing swirls I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT *my dad washes his car like that too now

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    When you say rinse, you mean wash the car with your hands... right?
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    Don't use absorbers on dirty cars bro. It's a bad idea!! Regardless of how soft the absorber may seem, it's not the best material for washing....or drying for that matter. If you're not seeing swirls yet, I'm really surprised. Absorbers will push dirty acrossed the paint fairly easy.

    I use this:

    Then when drying, use a waffle weave drying towel.

    Other than that, no idea why you use your hands directly on the paint. Your hands have oils and dirt all over them. Not sure how this would be benefiticial for you.

    If you're going to try to get the dirt off, a touchless approach is probably your best bet. I use a pressure washer to help remove surface dirt before I head into a hand wash. Depending on the temperature and amount of sunlight, wash sections at a time. I rinse my mitt off after each area is done. Then put it in my rinse bucket, then back into the bucket with soap.

    Terry clothes work fine for cleaning rims. I would use a tire brush on the tires.

    There are better cleaners than Windex for the glass. Lots of info if you look it up. Especially if you have tinted windows.

    If your car is black, I would invest in a clay bar and some good polishes. Zaino makes good stuff, as do several other companies. Polishes, paint cleansers, sealants, etc will make your black really pop!!

    Don't forget to get below your rear bumper and your fender wells. The fender wells will make a surprising difference when they are clean when as opposed to being dirty.

    Lots more to it, but these are just a few things I do. Some may do things different.
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