The past 3 weekends have seen me starting to try and get the fleet under control. I am hoping to get a little longer duration between waxes and a little less effort. In the past, I have used a lot of the Zaino Bros. products. However, the drying / curing time and the need to re-apply every two weeks or so had led me to consider a couple of other options.

The quick history: When I brought the blue toy home, I applied a coat of Maguiar’s NXT. I had it and it went on quickly and came off easily. I repeated this a couple more times. I spent a lot more time getting the Big Cat ready to go back off of lease. There was a complete compound and then wax with Klasse AIO. I spent a bit more effort on this car for two weekends. The truck and the bus did not get a good treatment for just too long.

First up was the new Cat. The Ferrari Racing Red is a cool color and I thought that I'd give the Maguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax a try. Not too expensive at ~$28 for a tin. A good wash with Maguiar’s Ultimate Wash and Wax started the process. What I had read had given me to believe that the Ultimate Paste Wax would go on easy and come off easy. ). It took at least 15-25 minutes to setup in the garage. 90% + humidity is the culprit but it is real (this was a problem with some of the Zaino products, too). I found the coming off to be a bit of real work (I didn't use the buffer as I was still learning the car). I actually buffed everything off by hand and then went back over the car with another towel to give it the best shine that I could.

Next up was the Bus. I sure did not want the same level of effort on the Bus as I had on the Cat. Good news is that the Better Half pitched in on the Bus. Start with the same wash. The switch this time was to the Klasse AIO Polish. Very quick and easy to put on. The great news is that you can just wipe it straight off. Minimal effort. The slab sides of the Bus and the full glass roof line actually made this an easier job than what I had on the Cat.

Third in line was the Blue Toy. Same wash to start. I decided to go with the Klasse AIO. Quick on and off. More curves and details than the Bus, but not a hard job in the end. Size does matter.

Last but surely not least was the truck. The oldest of the fleet and it is a truck. I started with a lengthy hand wash. I actually ended up going back couple of times in some places. On with more Klasse AIO. I could not believe what was pulled out of the paint as I buffed the polish off, by hand.

My thoughts: If you have the time and energy, the Maguiar’s gives the deepest shine. This is even against the white pearl tri-coat on the Bus. It just really shines. When the Cat got caught out in the rain and I re-washed it this past weekend, the shine came back. There was plenty of evidence of just a wonderful shine.

The Bus, the truck and The Toy all shined fine. The level of effort is much less, as is the time to apply and remove. I will try the two step process in a month or so by adding the Klasse High Gloss Sealant to the treatment.

For now, the Cat will continue to receive the Maguiar’s. Everything else will be treated with Klasse (pun intended).