Hey everyone, so after a rather horrible winter here in New England, the snow has finally melted! I decided to give my car a quick interior detail the other day (ill wait until it warms up for a deep clean) and I noticed some terrible looking, dry salt stains on my drivers side carpeting where my all weather mats lacked in coverage. I tried tons of different methods, boiling water, soap and water, carpet cleaner (by itself), brushes, all with no luck, I had read somewhere that a solution of vinegar and water does the trick but I chose not to try this as I was concerned about the smell. Anyways, I finally figured out a way to completely remove the salt very easily and I never saw any other mention of it online. So here it is:

1. lightly rub the salt spots with your hand to remove any loose salt/dirt then Vacuum the area very well

2. Apply Steam to each spot for about one minute. I used a Shark Hardwood floor steam mop on the highest setting, holding it tight to each spot. You could also use an iron, just don't touch it to the carpet.
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3. Apply carpet cleaner immediately following the steam and let it sit for about a minute, then rub each spot with a sponge. Pat dry with a rag/paper towels. This is the cleaner I used and it worked great, but i'm sure any would do the trick.
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That's it! I know this is nothing spectacular but I thought it was worth a quick write up. Good luck!