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Detailing Packages - Subject to Change

#1 - Classic Wash'n'Vac - $40*
Consists of a thorough hand wash with a wash 'n' wax soap, including all jambs and wheel wells pressure washed. Inside, carpets are vacuumed, all glass cleaned and tires dressed.
#2 - Just the wax ma'am - $65*
Cosists of The Classic Wash'n'Vac plus a clay bar to remove any tar, pitch, and bugs that may be adhered to your paint and a coat of hand applied breathable Carnauba paste wax. Interior plastics are also wiped down and tires dressed.
#3 - The Outsider - $100*
Consists of a minimum of 4 steps to complete - a thorough hand wash with a wax stripping soap, including and wheel wells, engine, all jambs, area around emblems, then a clay bar to remove any tar, pitch, and bugs that may be adhered to your paint. Next we inspect the paint for overspray and remove any light overspray we may see. Then, we machine polish the exterior with the right product for the color and condition of your paint. Finally, we hand wax with our premium carnauba wax that will leave a lasting shine and protect your car from the elements. Removal of oxidation on all glass and tire dressing is included.
#4 - The Insider - $100*
Consists of carefully cleaning the headliner, dash, consoles and electronics, scrubbing the carpets, floor mats, cloth seats and trunk lining, including the spare tire well. All compartments are emptied and cleaned unless otherwise requested. All leather, vinyl and rubber is cleaned and conditioned to maintain its suppleness and the entire interior is given a final vacuum to remove any latent dust, lint, hair, and debris before it is air or heater dried. All glass is cleaned and interior is dressed.
#5 - The Complete Job - $200*
Combines the Outsider and Insider packages.
#6 - The Protector - $150*
Consists of either an Outsider with a coat of Paint Sealant, or an Insider with Fabric Guard applied to all cloth upholstery. New cars receive a discount on the Insider package if the upholstery does not need to be cleaned.
Boats and RVs
Full exterior machine polish and wax
Full interior cleaning
*All prices are starting prices only - prices can go up depending on size, condition, and color of your vehicle.