It has been about two years since I fully detailed the wrx. I want to do it right this time so I decided to junk the cheap Kragen buffer and get a Porter Cable with a yellow foam light cutting pad and a black final finish pad.

My finish is in good shape short of swirls, so I am skipping any sort of compounding.
So I plan on washing/claying, then using Clear Cut Clearcoat Cleaner with the yellow pad to rid myself of swirls. For the next step I have meguiars #9 showcar glaze to use with the black pad. But what I have been reading is that a glaze is more just for looks for a few days and doesn't really do much otherwise. Which leads me to think I might be better off with a final polish instead of the glaze (or final polish then glaze)?

Chances are I wouldn't even notice a difference, but if anyone has any thoughts on this I'd appreciate it