I've been working on this car for a few days. While I'm waiting for the floor to be sprayed in my new garage to prepare for winter storage projects. So, this one came in great for end of the month!

Wash -
Foam w/CG Citrus Wash/APC ****tail
Two Bucket Wash with Adams Car Wash

Wheels -
P21s (5min dwell)
SV Wheel Brush (Agitate)
EZ Detail Brush (Agitate)
Sealed w/JS109

Tires -
APC (DIYC Tire Brush)
SV Pneu

Paint Clean up -
Clay Bath w/Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay w/ONR/water ****tail
105 w/ 80ppi SM Arnold 6" and 4" Black Polishing Pad on Shinex/Flex X 2
Menz PO106ff/80 ppi Sm Arnold 6" Black Polishing Pad on Rotex
Menz PO85rd/100 ppi SM Aronld Finishing Pad on Shinex/Flex
IPA Wipedown X 2
Two Layers of Blackfire Wet Diamond

Glass -
AG Glass Polish

Trim -
SV Nano

Int -
SV Leather Milk

It's a driver

First thing was a foam with APC/CG Citrus Wash ****tail

Need some wheel cleaning

Working the P21S

Wheels all clean

All dried up. Not too bad, pretty clean.

All ready to give the buffers a spin - working the tight stuff

Even made a little mess with the Rotex

Fuel door was a bit marred

Kick panels required some clean up

A pillar

C Pillar

Headlights needed a little touch up

Random before and after

Sealing the windscreen and kept thinking about taking the bike out!!:shead:

Took a look and decided to clean, polish seal and generally tidy up the engine bay

Can all polished and engine bay sealed

Some sunny before and after

Couple more. This download thing is time consumming!!!

Thanks for looking!!!