First fender-bender in my new '09 wrx--thank you meguiar's
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    First fender-bender in my new '09 wrx--thank you meguiar's

    I knew it was bound to happen--one of these days I would do something royally stupid and find a way to ding my new car (which I detail regularly to look like new at least weekly).

    I had woken from a mid-day nap (always feel overly groggy for the next couple hours when I do that) and was headed over to a buddies house. On the way, decided to stop for gas.

    At the station, every pump was busy but one. Not thinking much of it, I maneuver the car so that I can back up to the one open pump. As I'm backing up I'm sure I have clearance. I begin to back up slowly, and as I look over I see a cute blonde smiling at me.

    I reciprocate by shooting her my best Fonzi cool guy smile back, then my smile turns to a look of absolute terror as I hear an awful C-R-U-N-C-H ! Houston, we have a problem!

    I promptly pull forward, get out of the car, and begin to hyperventilate. The girl is still standing there, no longer smiling, but I could care less about her by that time. I walk around back to see a horror show of paint scuffs all over the back/rear bumper and a bonus scuff on the rim.

    After cursing under my breath for what must have been about 10 minutes, I finally decide to calm down, fill up, and get over to my buddies. We share some laughs (he knows about my OCD problem with the new car), and I head home.

    When I get home I decide to go nuts with whatever Meguiar's products I have lying around. Long story short (or rather long story slightly less long) after much elbow grease and some Meguiar's Scratch-X I manage to restore the bumper to near new condition--fortunately most all of the paint scuff was the barrier paint on my car, not the other way around.

    In the end I am left with a couple tiny scratches left in the rim (I'll figure out what to do about that soon), and one minor scratch in the bumper. After working on that with a slightly more abrasive solution (Meguiar's Scratch-X 2.0), some waxing, and sealing you can't tell I hit anything (again except for the minor scratch on the rim I still have to do something about).

    I really wish I would have taken a "before" picture to post here--it looked pretty bad and I was sure I would need a new bumper.

    I've been a big fan of Meguiar's since I started using their products to detail my car, but after this last experience I may be sold for life.

    Thank you Meguiar's, and if that cute blonde happens to be a member on this list I'm ready for your phone number now...

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    That sucks - should have gotten her # at the gas station.

    Glad to hear she's back to normal...
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    You should have used your fender bender as a cute, but blatantly obvious way of asking for her number. Then again I can definitely understand your state of mind at that point in time . Glad you got the scratches out.
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    No pic of said girl?
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    ttiwwop and cn.

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    You should have gotten out if the car, looked at her, and said, "I meant to do that."

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    Think about this when deciding where to look.

    A used WRX has a much higher resale value than...oh, nevermind...
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    I think your car got jealous.

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