So yeah, lovely paint.
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    So yeah, lovely paint.

    Now, we all know Subaru paint is complained about on a daily basis. I'm facing a problem with the paint now myself, and am curious if anyone has ever heard of a problem like this before. Basically, large portions of my paint and clear coat are just disappearing. It is almost as if someone is just taking the paint, and pouring acid on it. Not rock chips, no bug guts, no water marks. There is no visual signs to tell what is happening.

    Any clues? This has been happening since February or so and I ignored the first little marks that showed up, but now i have almost 20-30 of these marks, some up to the size of a penny where paint is just wearing down in patches across the hood, front bumper, front fenders, and a-pillars, down to what seems to be primer.

    Hopefully, Subaru will actually listen to my claim, and pay for me to get it repaired, it is getting rediculous. When it originally started happening, someone actually said "that'll buff out". Yeah, right. Second time I took it back, there were more marks, and the existing ones were spreading. They said acid rain. Yeah, and why just my car only? The car in question is an Aspen white 06' WRX, with only 23,000 miles.

    Referance picture. Sorry, the camera was lent to me while I try to pay for my own. So the picture is a bit out of focus, but this an example of one of the smaller marks on the hood. What it actually is, is dozens of tiny holes in the white paint, down to the black underneath. Looks like a smudge from a distance, but imagine these all over the front of the car.

    Any tips on the best way to have this issue taken care of as far as a detailing standpoint, please feel free to give me input.
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