I just stopped by autozone and picked up cleaning supplies. I wasn't really sure what to get and didn't find this section forum until after I have returned, oh well. Here is what I got:

Armor All Shine Protectant
Ultra Shine wash & wax
Eagle One nanowax Spray
Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound ( I have some serious clearcoat scratches to take care of)
Turtle Wax Bug and Tar
Rain-x Windshield Wax
Westley's Bleche-Wite
Eagle One Tire Shine
Wheel Brush
Microfiber Polish cloths
Chamois cloth
Microfiber Sponge

I think I covered about everything, but I'm sure I got some unnecessary things. Oh well. What do you guys think? And how about clear coat scratches? How much can you really do about them? Also, I have one spot on my beam between window/windshield where it chipped and is rusting. What do I do to fix that spot? Thanks