FW1 Cleaning Wax?
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    FW1 Cleaning Wax?

    FW1 Racing Formula "High Performance Cleaning Wax with Carnauba"

    Anyone ever hear of this stuff? Does it work? lol It says waterless formulation and comes in a 17.50 OZ areosol spray can.
    A buddy got me a bottle of this cause a salesman kept shoving it in his face. Anyway I kinda have a hard time takeing it seriously because the dircetions read,
    "1. Shake can vigorously.
    2. Park in a shaded area (why work in the sun?).
    3. Rinse off EXCESS dirt/mud.
    (usually found on the infeild on Sunday).
    4. Turn on your favorite radio station to set the mood."
    Then in continues with more directions. It almost seems not professional enough. lol They got a web site http://www.fw1shine.com/store/
    I'm a bit worried to put this on my car. So if you got any experiance with this product, let me know how it is.
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    "Wax" in an aerosol can seems weird to me. Cleaner wax would imply that it has abrasives, which would seem difficult to put in an aerosol.

    I wouldn't put that stuff anywhere near my car.
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    Thumbs up FW1 Cleaning Wax

    Hi guys.....I purchased 2 cans of this stuff for $25.00. I stoppped at a store and they were outside selling it and did a demonstration for me.....of course. I was impressed. The only thing I did not agree with is not washing vehicle before using this stuff. So that weekend I washed my vehicle and I used it on my entire Blazer.....and WOW! It really shines. The windows looks like they are down. It really keeps the brake dust off of your front tires. The next weekend my husband washed his truck and of course was skeptical about me using it on his. Well.....I did. He loves it and everyone at his place of employment says the truck looks really shiney. I wished I had bought 2 more cans. It really only takes a little bit and is a lot easier than using regular wax. Not as much work. I love it.

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    Thumbs up fw1 cleaning wax

    hi there, i have a 2007 harley road glide, that i bought new 13 months ago. i had been using this other stuff from moto that harley recomended, it seemed to be ok,, well, a couple of weeks ago , i went to the grand canyon, and somewhere near las vegas this guy wanted to demonstrate this fw1 stuff on my bike,, at first i was hesitant, but geeze it really looked good , so i bought 4 cans (44.00) after i got home i washed my bike and then later used the stuff omg the bike looked brand new, i`m not kidding brand new, 100 times better than yhat moto stuff, anyway i wished i bought more, and i heartly recommened it to anyone, you wont be disappointed ty

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    so if i were planning to do a full detail... the only thing it would take away is the actual washing of the car?

    It doesn't take care of the waxing part right?

    I was cleaning my parents garage and found a couple bottles of this stuff, maybe i'll just use on my windows. I really don't trust it that much.
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