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This is a discussion on Make your post count! within the Dealership, Vendor, and Installer Review forums, part of the Marketplace category; Dealership: Hodges Subaru Michigan Ferdale Pros: Getting a great deal on a damaged and repaired 08 STI. They aggressively marked ...

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    Cool Hodges Subaru

    Dealership: Hodges Subaru
    Michigan Ferdale

    Pros: Getting a great deal on a damaged and repaired 08 STI. They aggressively marked it down in price. They also allowed me to put my 3 piece sectional kayak in it to see if it fit before starting to talk about the price on the car. I was even allowed to drive it around with the kayak in the car making sure there were no space issues. I’ve gone to them for years and they have treated me very well.

    Cons: My treatment may not be typical of all the customers at the dealership. It is a Subaru only dealership.

    Additional comments: One of the head mechanics really was my salesman. He made sure that when the first 08 STI came out I got to test drive it within weeks of them getting them in. He also alerted me to the possibilities of a great deal on a damaged STI. The staff is friendly and the service staff does a great job with there workmanship. With issues related to the warranty on previous cars they’ve stood behind me. This is a place I’d send friends without reservation

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    Autowest Subaru, Roseville CA; Waikem Subaru, Massillon OH; Annapolis Subaru, MD

    1. Autowest Subaru-Roseville, CA
    I purchased my '08 there in June of '08.
    Pros: Salesman was very friendly, never pushy. Really made me feel like he wanted me to find the right car for me, not just push me into a car. Let me drive both sedan and hatchback.
    Answered or found the answer to MOST of my questions. Was very courtious. Specific salesperson even warned me not to get my vehicle serviced there. HA.
    Cons: Take a wild guess? SERVICE DEPARTMENT. Very rude. Treated you like you bought a $10 bicycle and were wasting their time, not a $25000 car. Gave me the run around. Took the car in for the turbo oil line recall and they looked at ME like I was an idiot, then I showed them the paperwork. They did it, and I asked if they replaced the line or just put the reinforcement on it, and the guy overtly huffed, puffed, then said..."God, gimme a minute." Apparently I was a bother to him. Finally told me that they all just get the reinforcement, and then turned and walked away. No one in the service department ever said "welcome" or "have a good day." The finance guy was really pushy too. Until he found out I was just paying for the entire car with cash. But before that he was almost angry with me, like I was giving him a hard time for not wanting to pay over MSRP.
    I would purchase a car from there in a heartbeat, but look elsewhere for service.

    2. Waikem Subaru- Massillon, OH:
    Oil Change, January '09
    Pros: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Well, I guess my oil did get changed. The mechanic said he liked my mudflaps. Salespersons BS'd with me whilst I waited, and gave my wife hot chocolate.
    Cons: I had an appt. for 1230. When I walked in at about 1205, I let the lady at the counter know I was there, but a little early. She said that the counter person was at lunch and I had to wait. I said, "Excuse me , ma'am?" and she repeated that she didn't know anything, the service desk lady was at lunch. Told me to wait in the lobby. I asked the older salesman up front and he rolled his eyes and said it was a common thing. 35 minutes later(!?) some guy rolls in and is looking for me. I let him know what is up and he seems disinterested and asked where I parked my car. Rudely asked if the keys were in it. He said, "You the guy waiting on the oil change." Never called me by my name once. I mean, I'm young, but I'm not rude or a peice of garbage, why do I get treated like one. Anyways, got my ail changed and after I asked him a question, and his reply was, "I don't know," then he gave me my keys and walked away. I almost lit the counter on fire.

    3.Annapolis Subaru, Annapolis MD
    10,000 mile service today, also purchased sport mesh grille, fog light kit, and iPod interface kit
    Pros: *Disclaimer: I was in my uniform (USAF) so they may have just been extra nice, but it seemed like they were extra nice to everyone there* Anyways, they were EXTREMELY professional and courtious. Introduced themselves right away and addressed me with respect. Explained what the 10,000 mile service entailed, and asked if he could drop me off anywhere locally or if I wanted to wait. Headed to the parts department, and ordered said parts. Salesperson was very courteous and helpful, even though the phone was ringing off the hook and he was very busy. The service and parts departments both were very clean and tidy, and everyone that walked by said hello. Did service, complimentary car wash, and I was on my way. Was one of the most pleasant experiences of my life, and thank God I live here now and can make this my go to dealership.
    Cons: They didn't wax it! No cons.
    2008 WRB WRX: Blouch 18G-XT, Perrin FMIC, Perrin Turbo Inlet, DW 750cc injectors, Invidia catless downpipe, Perrin Catback, TurboXS CAI, Mach V SS brakelines, Hawk HPS Brake pads, ATE Superblue, NGK one-step colder sparkplugs, Mach V 3-port BCS, Prosport boost gauge and wideband A/F gauge, STi fuel pump, WL Steering Rack bushings, Perrin 25mmFSB/22mm adjustable RSB, Kartboy endlinks, TGV deletes, Protune by Dan @ Mach V Motorsports...

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    Folger Subaru, Charlotte, NC

    Great Dealer, Charles, the service assistant there is a realy nice guy and helpful, knows what he's doing, and will help you find anything you're looking for, even outside the dealer.

    the waiting lounge is kinda small and dim, i didnt even sit there for a minute.

    Great Place to service or buy a subaru!! A+

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    Quote Originally Posted by idipskoalmint View Post

    My cousin works for their corporate office, so i got the car for cost


    Had issues with the exhaust

    the car came with an hks downpipe on the car. I wanted a stock exhaust, because even though i will modify the exhaust, i want to keep the stocker and i didn't want to have to deal with inspection (i still haven't bought the catted tbe yet). When i approached them about it after the deal was done, they didn't want to pay for the stock downpipe (don't really blame them, considering they now lost $1200 on the deal). It took me flashing my dec badge and telling them they would lose their inspection license (thus, losing their ability to sell cars in ny) to finally get them to comply.

    I feel a little bad because i'm sure my cousin caught some crap over the incident, but it's their fault for not doing a visual inspection of the emission control devices, which is the law in ny.

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    Mike Shaw Subaru

    Mike Shaw Subaru
    1650 W 104th Ave
    Thornton, CO, 80234

    Not sure where to begin. I don't want this to be a hateful post or anything, but it definitely involved some major frustration and headaches.

    I went to Mike Shaw Subaru with a problem I was having with my '05 WRX last year. I know this is a very dated post, but I felt the need to get it out and into the Subaru community.

    My car was idling at a very high RPM, even with the car being warmed up and driven all over town. It would do this intermetently and wouldn't stay idling very long. It would just stick at like, 3-4000rpms.

    Dealer said "oh, it's your clutch. Needs to be replaced entirely". I had like 45,000 miles. I was pissed at the $1500 charge, but just bit the bullet.

    But then, it kept happening. Mike Shaw Subaru said they didn't know what was wrong. Left the car with them for a week and they couldn't "duplicate the problem".

    I ended up getting Subaru of America involved. The techs at the dealer had to call the "Subaru tech-line" (I guess that's who they talk to when they are confused). They said it could be my power steering pump. Why I do not know... So I paid for that to get replaced too.

    Long story short, they couldn't figure it out... so I tried another dealer in the area (GO Subaru West, Golden, CO) and they were very friendly and had one of their top technicians come outside and take a look at my car.

    He popped the hood and said "well there's your problem right there: cruise control cable". It was either too tight or too loose, I forget which he said. "Let me go grab a wrench I'll be right back".

    So, all that headache for a cruise control cable adjustment? Whether or not I "needed" that clutch and flywheel replacement, it didn't fix the problem.

    Anyone have this happen to them?

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    Everett, WA.

    Roy Robinson Subaru. Marysville, WA.

    I just purchased mine two weeks ago and love it.

    Great selection of WRX's at the time I was there. Salesman (Brady D1ckson) was very nice and professional. I would highly recommend him if you're looking for someone who knows what he's talking about.(he has an '08 WRX himself)
    For those of us in Washington, each city has their own sales tax percent and Marysville is pretty low compared to eveywhere else; I saved about $300 in tax from buying there. I got the car at invoice(they showed it to me) plus it came with a few extra goodies. The whole process only took about two hours on a Friday night.

    None that I can really think of, except the finance lady tried to sell me GAP insurance, which they wanted $695 for the life of the loan. I got it through my insurance company for $30 a year. Then she tried to sell me the Gold extended warranty for $1800. I turned that down since I work at a dealership where we just happen to have a former Subaru tech.

    I won't be getting any service or warranty work done there in the future since I work across the freeway from a Subaru dealer that has a tech I happen to know.

    So if you're looking to purchase a WRX I would highly recommend Roy Robinson Subaru.
    Last edited by FYTRWRX; 02-28-2009 at 04:35 PM.

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    Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru of NY (AVOID)


    I bought a car from them and they told me that because I was out of state and it was a NY vs. MA thing, they would HAVE to collect the tax and register the car. I came to find out from talking to a lawyer that it was blatant lie.

    I only had a week to drive with my old reg and plates, MA doesn't do temps (it takes an 30min to transfer or even get new tags and reg). They PROMISED it would be done in time. I call all week to find out what is going on....NO ONE calls back to tell me the status. Funny how they were all over me before I bought the car.

    Now I have a new car that I can't legally drive on the road... how am I supposed to get to work?

    I've called, left messages and emails EVERYDAY with everyone up to the president! Not ONE call back.

    I have no transportation and no idea as to what is going on with my title. My lawyer seems to think they don't have the title, which is why they are ignoring me. I called the registry and they do not have any paperwork from dealership.

    I've been lied to so they could get more money out of me and now I'm being avoided. They are scam artists and after reading reviews about them, which I should have checked first, I see that I'm not the only one.
    03' WRX, 00'ah6

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    Lakewood, CO
    Mike Shaw Subaru
    1650 W 104th Ave
    Thornton, CO, 80234

    I also have had a lot of trouble with this dealership. I purchased my car from them and every time I took it in for regular maintenance or something I just wanted checked out, they tried to come up with a list of things I needed. I should've known they were trouble because when I was purchasing the car, they couldn't seem to get their paperwork in order for my bank. My bank had to contact them multiple times to turn paperwork in, and when they finally did get it in, it was done incorrectly and had to be redone.

    My husband has a 2000 RS and also had trouble with their service crew.

    For the last year now, we have been taking both of our cars to Go Subaru West in Golden, CO and have had MUCH better service with them.

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    Yes, GO Subaru West are much more organized and professional and stuff. I have had work done there and they usually do a good job.

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    Fort Worth Texas

    Premier Used Cars of Santa Fe

    This one goes out to Premier motorcars in Santa Fe:

    Premier motorcars is a Honda/V-dub/Subaru dealership that has a used lot where they put all their previously owned gear called "Premier used cars". I Bought my 02 WRX wagon from them in the summer of 07.

    - Showrooms looked nice.
    - Parts department was and has always been consistently on the ball.

    - service department has a good staff but will over charge, and take for freakin' ever. (three days for an A/C recharge...really?)
    - Sales department makes you feel like you need to take a shower, and knows ****all about cars. (yes the WRX has a turbo and it's right there, i'm pointing at it.)
    - Warranty department is happy to take your money for a warranty that does nothing. ( **** you very much olympic care)
    - they had to issue me two separate sets of temp tags because they couldn't get their act together and get my new plates, which was a condition of the sale. (total time about four months)

    all in all I had to go through a lot of crap to get the price down from the $14K the dude was asking for it to $10K still think I got burned though.
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    Welsh's Subaru- Limerick, PA

    Bought my 08 wrx there

    Pros- Great service department, everybodys friendly! They know there stuff...can pretty much answer any question. They wernt the type of people to nag you to buy the car that day.

    Cons- None! they were great everytime ive been there with a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDHdfc View Post
    Bought my 08 wrx there

    Pros- Great service department, everybodys friendly! They know there stuff...can pretty much answer any question. They wernt the type of people to nag you to buy the car that day.
    Ditto - except I bought my 2004 WRX there when it was new.
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    805, Cali

    Barber Subaru, Ventura CA

    Took my 04 STi in to get its 15,000 mi Tune up. I knew it was just an oil change and routine checkup, but I wanted to bring it into a SUBARU dealership to have them really look at it. Being that I just bought the car in 09, it has low miles, I had my suspicions.

    Pros: Nice service manager, clean shop. Honest, good work. They even washed my car for me.

    Cons: Service Manager didn't know much about STi's in specific. Informed him of my specific questions and suspicions about the issue. When I came back and asked him what the mechanic found, if anything, he gave me a blank look. He stated that the mechanic assigned to the car was a JR. Mechanic and probably wouldn't notice anything like that.
    I know that a 15k usually doesn't warrant a Sr. Tech, but when an STi Rolls into the Subaru dealership for the first time and has a specific request, you would think that they would at least look into it.
    When I came out the car still had a bit of water on it, and me being anal asked the mechanic that worked on it for a shammy to finish wiping. I started to ask him about the car when the service manager literally stood between me and the tech. Not the treatment I want out of any shop that works on my car. I like talking to the people who touch it on the insides

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    SoCal Dealerships?

    Anyone dealt with any of the southern california dealers? Closest one to me is Sierra in Monrovia, but I don't mind traveling to find a good dealer. I've heard good things about Renick and Timmons.

    BTW, I agree with whoever suggested that this section be broken into states or other geographic regions, so people on one side of the country don't have to wade thru info that doesn't concern them.

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    Yuma, AZ
    Micheal Crawford Subaru
    Avondale, AZ

    Very professional,very knowledgeable, and friendly staff.They gave me half off of a $110 dollar diagnostic because it was a simple problem. Plus they didn't charge me for any of the labor. The show room floor was very well laid out and clean also.

    The only real con that I can think of is the fact that they needed a bigger T.V. in there showroom so I could watch the D-backs play

    Other then that I would recomened them anyone who needs serivce done on there Subaru.
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