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    Intake System Improvements.

    Thread Starter: Cee

    Out of curiosity what type of performance improvement do you see when jumping to an Intake system such as this one: COBB Tuning - Subaru SF Intake Kit

    Last Post By: Cee Today, 11:33 AM Go to last post

    To go Mud flaps or not to go Mud flaps?

    Thread Starter: Cee

    I was considering buying some mud flaps for my 2015 STI LE when it comes in. Are they necessary when driving on gravel/dirt roads? Will it save my car

    Last Post By: BOshea Today, 10:55 AM Go to last post

    Computer box to adjust gas mileage?

    Thread Starter: Cee

    Someone a while back was showing me this thing they plug in under the dashboard of their STI which can adjust the cars computer. He said he can boost

    Last Post By: BOshea Today, 10:52 AM Go to last post

    Nor Cal Sti owner

    Thread Starter: Sharkiesha209

    What's up guys I recently bought a 2005 blob eye sti. I used to have a neon srt4. But anyways not new to the forum scene. Looking to meet up with other

    Last Post By: MTM Today, 12:45 PM Go to last post

    Impreza To WRX STi

    Thread Starter: Moodi

    Hello everyone , i am new here . This is my first post here.I will be buying a 2009 silver subaru impreza hatchback and i wanna know how to convert it

    Last Post By: zax Today, 07:05 AM Go to last post

    leather interior and dogs

    Thread Starter: MightyRama4

    I never had leather interior and a WRX is in the near future. Just wanted to know if leather interior is ok with dogs. My main concern dog claws puncturing

    Last Post By: BOshea Today, 11:03 AM Go to last post
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    Newb In Need of Answers

    Thread Starter: -Be-

    Hey all,

    I just installed a Magnaflow 3' Catback, I also just bought a used an "Un-Married" V2 Accessport. I'm trying to go

    Last Post By: -Be- Today, 12:58 PM Go to last post

    06 STI centre diff grinding? Help!

    Thread Starter: garethlawton

    So I took my car in to cantaur Subaru in Calgary (Canada) because my centre diff has been binding and making a grinding noise when i take sharp corners.

    Last Post By: wreckingball man Today, 12:33 PM Go to last post

    Can i swap boost gauges?

    Thread Starter: cmoney

    I have searched and cant seem to find anything answering my question. My spt boost gauge readings are quite off, the gauge is flashing when its on.So

    Last Post By: MainFrame Today, 10:13 AM Go to last post

    wide band o2 sensor

    Thread Starter: shouawrx

    So a lot of people r telling me to replace the up pipe for added performance, cool, gonna do that. the question i have is about the exhaust temp sensor

    Last Post By: 11blackSTi Yesterday, 07:08 PM Go to last post

    First gear hesitation and clutch engagement

    Thread Starter: Brozario

    Hi all I have a 2013 WRX with about 9k miles on it completely stock.
    When I accelerate from a stop, normally not WOT, the rpm needle rises then

    Last Post By: Brozario Yesterday, 04:30 PM Go to last post

    Check Engine light. Lean Bank 1

    Thread Starter: Helloxtrent

    Hello im Trent im new i just signed up here and im having a problem with the check engine light. It is throwing a Lean bank 1 code. It runs completely

    Last Post By: wreckingball man Yesterday, 05:41 PM Go to last post
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    Stock Speakers (4)

    Thread Starter: johndock23

    I have the stock speakers for sale off my 2015 WRX. They have 500 miles on them, work perfectly. Just wanted to upgrade them.


    Last Post By: johndock23 Today, 08:50 AM Go to last post

    ordering 2015 wrx: STI performance exhaust upgrade?

    Thread Starter: simplywil

    Planning to put my order in for 2015 WRX. Anyone know the difference (dimensions or performance) between the stock and "STI Performance

    Last Post By: simplywil Yesterday, 11:58 PM Go to last post

    Corsa cat back exhaust wrx sedan 2008-2014

    Thread Starter: tomekkplk

    Looking to sell my cat back, had it on for 4 months just looking to go louder, 850obo

    Will do a clean swap for a Tomei expreme cat back

    Last Post By: tomekkplk Yesterday, 05:25 PM Go to last post

    OH: 2002 WRX Sedan, vf39+ extras, turnkey DD

    Thread Starter: cincysubie

    2002 Subaru Impreza WRX, vf39 turbo upgrade, supporting mods, extras

    $12,000 Or Best Reasonable Offer.
    Location: Loveland ohio,

    Last Post By: MTM Today, 12:48 PM Go to last post

    SPT Exhaust for sale

    Thread Starter: Rex369

    I am selling my SPT exhaust off my 2014 hatchback. Text me if you're interested 916-517-9523

    Last Post By: MTM Yesterday, 01:39 PM Go to last post

    SPT Exhaust for sale

    Thread Starter: Rex369

    I am trying to sell my SPT exhaust that was on my 2014 wrx hatchback. Email me at or text me at 916-517-9523 if interested.

    Last Post By: Rex369 Yesterday, 06:27 AM Go to last post