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    1. Mikie13's Avatar
      Mikie13 -
      Cool look at it...but I was more or less wondering what he was babbling on about.

      That and he is wrong with the very first sentence...The WRX has not been sold in the US for 13 years...
    1. Jonny1106's Avatar
      Jonny1106 -
      He is going to piss a lot of people off, by saying surfing isn't and extreme sport.
    1. ProZach626's Avatar
      ProZach626 -
      That color is gross.
    1. Mikie13's Avatar
      Mikie13 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ProZach626 View Post
      That color is gross.
      You're gross
    1. Brazilnut's Avatar
      Brazilnut -
      Looks hotter in person
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