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  • Subaru WRX and WRX STi Special Editions Debut at SEMA 2012

    "Subaru has pulled back the curtain on a pair of 2013 WRX and WRX STI Special Edition models ahead of their debut at the 2012 SEMA Show, which kicks off today in Las Vegas. Each car bows with a unique orange and black color scheme that carries over into the cabin. With black wheels, badges and side mirrors, it should easy to pick these machines out of a crowd. Indoors, designers have graced both sedans with a black headliner and the seats feature orange contrast stitching.

    Mechanically, the Special Edition models remain unchanged from their more ordinary counterparts, which means buyers will enjoy 265 horsepower from the WRX and 305 ponies from the more muscular WRX STI. Even so, the flashy paint and trim might be enough to drag buyers to the showroom if you count yourself among that crowd, best get to getting. Subaru is only planning to produce 200 examples of the WRX and another 200 of the WRX STI. Check out the official press blast below for more information, and stay tuned for our live shots from the SEMA show floor."

    Source: autoblog
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    1. Soobvirgin's Avatar
      Soobvirgin -
      A special edition and all they could do was paint it? Orange? ORANGE?!? Bleuuchhh.
    1. homerocks7's Avatar
      homerocks7 -
      is this to commemorate the giants winning the world season? if so I love it!
    1. DarkGreySti's Avatar
      DarkGreySti -
      no plans for a hatchback? man we get no love for the hatches...
    1. michaelwfox's Avatar
      michaelwfox -
      Love it!
    1. Kwrxp's Avatar
      Kwrxp -
      really like orange cars, damn wish these came out earlier.
    1. Zink's Avatar
      Zink -
      Quote Originally Posted by homerocks7 View Post
      is this to commemorate the giants winning the world season? if so I love it!
      Maybe for Halloween? It's a sweet color nonetheless.
    1. impretzel's Avatar
      impretzel -
      sounds like another markup reason. i would have wanted maybe a lighter brighter orange? meh
    1. PhoebeusFenix's Avatar
      PhoebeusFenix -
      I would totally take a burnt orange, but this, no thank you!

      Sent from my ADR6325 using Tapatalk 2
    1. Ruh Roh's Avatar
      Ruh Roh -
      -_- not impressed, a darker burnt orange^^ yes but this, not for me
    1. PhoebeusFenix's Avatar
      PhoebeusFenix -
      I think the 350z Orange color would look awesome on a wrx/Sri hatch.

      Sent from my ADR6325 using Tapatalk 2
    1. Ruh Roh's Avatar
      Ruh Roh -
      think alittle darker than that and would be a great limited edition color but oh well
    1. Mikie13's Avatar
      Mikie13 -
      I WANT THIS CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
    1. zax's Avatar
      zax -
    1. DwnShft4WRX's Avatar
      DwnShft4WRX -
      Woulda been sold on a burnt orange. This choice seems...out of place. But I guess that's what they were going for.
    1. 99pgpgt's Avatar
      99pgpgt -
      I actually have one of these reserved at the dealership. Its not this exact color, it is a little more of a burnt orange. All pictures of them were "brightened" a bit.
    1. 11blackSTi's Avatar
      11blackSTi -
      the only thing i like is that the wheels are black. I love the color orange...but this just does not look good.
    1. 99pgpgt's Avatar
      99pgpgt -
      its actually a better looking orange than this...I don't know why sema posted such crappy quality shots of them...

      watch this video and you'll see what the orange really looks like.

      Subaru WRX CLUB SPEC 11 MY13 CSXI WRX 2013 1st One in Australia!!! - YouTube
    1. BombAtomic's Avatar
      BombAtomic -
      A hatch and loose the stickers on the sides and you are on! Pass in the current configuration though.
    1. j1autowrecker's Avatar
      j1autowrecker -
      1993 wrx for parts right hand drive, turbo

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