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  • February COTM - Best Bugeye

    This month we are featuring MainFrame's 2002 WRX as "Best Bugeye" ClubWRX Car of the Month!
    Nomination Thread | Poll Thread

    Details of MainFrame's car with a mod list and more pictures can be found here.

    Nominations for March Car of the Month
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    1. brfatal's Avatar
      brfatal -
      Congrats dude!
    1. Sinister's Avatar
      Sinister -
      SWEET DUDE!!
    1. MainFrame's Avatar
      MainFrame -
      Thanks guys. I can't wait to get this thing back on the road..

      Hopefully by April she will be back on the dyno getting an e85 tune. Then the real fun begins.
    1. 2002_wagon's Avatar
      2002_wagon -
      congrads buddy
    1. irvin787878's Avatar
      irvin787878 -
    1. lytlec's Avatar
      lytlec -
      Nice! Congrats!
    1. brfatal's Avatar
      brfatal -
      Quote Originally Posted by MainFrame View Post
      Thanks guys. I can't wait to get this thing back on the road.. Watt's machine shop has been holding on to my heads for ever now. He's so far behind, I still know of two motors ahead of mine. Once the heads get back everything should go back together quickly.
      Ya, Watt's took forever for the 2 motors they did for me as well even though one was a straight forward assembly.
    1. MainFrame's Avatar
      MainFrame -
      They just need to be cleaned up and lashed for the new cams, as soon as AWD gets them back they can assemble and install the motor in two days. Of course they're keeping pretty busy themselves.
    1. nyr8er's Avatar
      nyr8er -
      Well deserved man, love the car. So fresh and so clean clean!
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