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    9/2 August sales and the 'clunker effect'. Subaru had a strong August 2010 with 22,239 cars sold. Last August (09) Subaru sold 28,683. But that was Cash For Clunkers and a comparison just isn't fair - its like looking at a person all decked out for a formal ball- don't they look wonderful and beautiful - and then seeing them again on a hot Saturday afternoon, sweaty and cranky in their grubby house painting /gardening outfit. Just not a fair comparison.
    So August 2010 is -22% from 2009. The first down month this year (22,239 vs 28,683).
    The shining star is the Outback, up 37% to 8053 vs 5,857 in 09 when when Clunkers quickly wiped out both remaining 09s and all the 10s that were just starting to arrive. Outback YTD is up a whopping 96% to 58,230 over 29,755 last year.
    On the other end of the scale, Tribeca is the big loser, -77% this month, 186 vs 797 for the month, and YTD -65% to 1,737 compared to 4,941 last year. In the Tribeca's defense, there are almost no 2010s to be bought even if there were more people looking to buy them. The production priority at SIA must be going into Outbacks.
    And overall it's a good year. So far Subaru is up 20% to 172,182 over 143,828. That's strong.
    The totals: Outback 8,053, Forester 7,234, Impreza 3,801, Legacy 2,965, Tribeca 186
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