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    funny nissan titan...

    I was on my way home from a suby meet in downtown st. paul and a full sized nissan titan 5.6 tried to play w/ me.

    the first time we lined up at a stop light i didn't think anything of it and when the light turned he gunned it and took off on me, well by the end of first i had gained back the 2 cars he got on me initially and was even with him. i just assumed then he figured i was faster than him.

    next stop light same thing, but i didn't launch but i was ready for it and pulled 3 or 4 cars from a 10 mph roll to the end of first and stop, he goes flying by me again.

    last stop light, he launches and i don't even care any more and don't go at all.

    when do people realize they are beat?
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    My coworker has one, and it's pretty nice. He and I lined up on the industrial strip near our work place, and had similar results: I let him hit it first, and even with bogging my launch, I pulled even by the top of first, and then just piled on the car lengths after that. It's very nice for a full size truck, and it does have some good oomph. I'd guess that it would be good for a high 14 to low 15 1/4 mile...

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    Yeah I can't wait till people start modding them and see what they can do.. Car and Driver tested out the top 5 pickups and the Titan won almost every part of it.. The only truck that was faster 0 to 60 and in the 1/4 mile was the Dodge Ram with the Hemi..

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    Titan is so going to be my next vehicle I buy. I need something to tow a rally car with

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    I almost wound up with a Titan instead of the WRX - was seriously considering it, but the wagon fit into our plans better. Likely if we replace my wife's RX-7, it'd be a Titan.

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    I see a young guy with one racing around everyone on my way to work. I keep hoping I will get next to him at a red light. But so far It hasn't happened.

    A different new V8 Toyota Pickup raced me in my STi. I was really suprised when he tried to race around me in a twisty section of road. He finally backed off when he almost ran off the road.

    I think some of these new V8 Toyota owners have the "Hemi Truck syndome."

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