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This is a discussion on My STI vs. Stealth TT ? within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally Posted by Fox05 Hay mister i see that you have a MR2 under your vehicals and i always wonderd ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox05
    Hay mister i see that you have a MR2 under your vehicals and i always wonderd how fast they are like top speed and quarter? How tall are you and is there alota room in there for you?

    I own a n/t mr2 right now. But me and my cousin have been building up his mr2 turbo for about 2 years now, fully built, t-78, haltech etc.. all the goodies . So I do know quite a bit about them. A stock mr2 turbo ( USA spec) will do a mid 14 sec quarter, and low 14 seconds if you are a VERY good driver. They topout stock upwards of 140-145ish. Im 5'11 and 160 pounds. I have no problems getting in and out, and I sit very comfortably in them. My cousin is my height but about 250 pounds and he has no trouble either. with the seat all the way back my legs are completly straight.

    ps. to other poster, i in NO way said the sti had torque deficiancy , lol I just said the 3s has an advantage in that department and has a more useful torque curve. And it dam well needs it... friggin boat. Even looking at your chart of the cobb 1, the torquecurve doesnt actually get flat till around 3800.... while thats MUCH better then most cars around ( hondas lol) I woulndt doubt that the 3s curve is better given the physics ... (3,0v6 tiny turboS) vs. (2.5box4 bigger turbO) and of course real world data pushing this boat to mid13s with similar peak numbers.

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    Ok thanks for the reply well im 6'2 and still growin so height is begenin to come an issue for me in cars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinister Subaru
    Considering you seem to think that everyone else has the deficiency, you would use "damned," NOT "damn."
    When you get down to critiquing grammar, your argument is pretty weak.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinister Subaru
    And congratulations on a 13.20 1/4 mile with your little MBC, but an STi will dump 13.20s in STOCK trim!
    Congratulatons! You finally understand what I wrote! I brought up the MBC and 2-3 psi because that's all it takes to make the 3700lb car as quick as your "almighty" STi. You try to portray the 3S like it runs mid 14s (instead of mid 13s) and won't go any quicker without major work. Meanwhile, 99% of Subaru owners are terrified to raise the boost on their cars without a $1k+ reflash. A 3S runs 10s with NO programming changes, on a stock shortblock, with no weight reduction.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinister Subaru
    While speaking of accomplished racers, amuse us with all of your racing experience, and all of your "accomplishments." Just to have you know, I've "accomplished" just a bit faster than 12.50s @ 109mph in the 1/4. At the ripe old age of 19, I owned a big block El Camino that would turn the 1/4 in the high 11s, averaging trap speeds of about 118mph. I'd say that's just a little bit faster than your high and mighty 3000 GT.
    So you were able to put a 454 El Camino into the 11s on slicks. Wow, that's never been done before. All I've managed to do is put a single turbo and supporting mods on my brother's Supra and it ran 11.6 @ 124 last time out on pump gas, and it's an automatic too.

    If you think 12.50s are so slow, go out and do it in your STi with only a downpipe, bigger injectors, and more boost. Gotta keep that stock turbo, cat-back, fuel pump, and IC. I don't think you can do it even with a car that weighs 400 lbs less and is geared so low there's 3 gearchanges before you pass the staging lights (that's a bit of humor there; don't try to correct it). Go for it anyway -- 12.50s are so easy every car should do that off the showroom floor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinister Subaru
    Currently, I own a 2005 STi and a 1994 Camaro. Both of which are faster than a stock 3000 GT in stock trim. I guess I really didn't need to accomplish anything but driving off a dealer lot to beat the "almighty" 3000 GT.
    Wow, so your 2005 car is quicker than a car designed in 1989. Good for you. I'll bet you can destroy a stock Mustang 5.0, IROC, or L98 Corvette too. An LT1 Camaro is not quicker than a stock 3S so you can give that a rest. I'm sure you beat one, and I'm sure others could have beaten you. You really seem insecure about a 3S, calling it "almighty" and giving it attributes that I never mentioned. I've never seen an STi compared against a Ferrari, Viper, or Porsche (or Corvette for that matter) so it looks like the 3000GT wasn't doing that badly after all.

    I guess I was wrong too - you never mentioned a MBC; that was another post. You certainly get your panties ruffled when someone mentions a 3S though. You need to put away your e-peen before it gets chapped from all the waving around.

    There are family cars that I could "drive off the dealer lot" that would embarrass an STi (300C SRT8, GTO, numerous Mercedes, etc). Does that make an STi any less desirable a car? No. You seem to not understand the adage "there is always someone faster." Just because your car is capable doesn't make another car any less so.

    I put my money where my mouth is, selling the Stealth and buying a Subaru. It's about to get some serious goodies too, including a FMIC and FP Green. It'll be much faster than my Stealth was but then again, it'll have more work done to it too. It doesn't mean I'll like either car any less. I'm not finished with the 3S platform either. There's a VR4 Spyder (hardtop convertible) with 28k miles and 700+ whp with my name on it when the owner decides to sell.

    And finally:

    Quote Originally Posted by John M
    I'm finished with this thread.
    So I was wrong. *Now* I'm finished.
    John M
    2000 Lincoln Continental - slow DD with the DOHC 4.6 and a Superchips tune
    1992 Lexus SC400 - slow resto project
    2005 Legacy GT Limited - SOLD Feb 2011 - Forged internals, FP HTA Green @ 22 psi.

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