Well someone needs to show me some videos or something because i DO NOT believe that a STOCK 99 civic si will run 14's period. I raced pleanty of them in my bone stock 02 RSX-S (if you want to talk about high revving motors) and the RSX is good for high 14's low 15's and I would pull on si's no problem from a stop or a roll at any speed it didnt matter. There is simply not enough horsepower in that motor to run that fast stock, i dont believe it for a second, unless someone shows me a verifiably stock dyno putting down 160+whp there is no way, and i know for a fact those cars dyno at about 125-135 to the wheels. Were talking about physics here, the hp to weight ratio is no where near enough even without considering front wheel drive traction problems, and not to mention I have seen them many times at dragstrips (and not all the same strip, ive been to tracks in ny, nj, ga, and nc) and I have never seen one lower than mid-high 15's stock. Maybe, MAYBE, if you gutted everything out of the interior except the drivers seat, but then i dont consider that stock, or maybe if by knowing how to drive you mean reving the engine about 1500-2000rpms over redline.