So, this hasn't been that great of a day, i just got pulled over in the rain having some fun. I guess i was doing about 115mph in a 55mph expressway. Sucks to be me. At least he only gave me one ticket, he probably noticed how there was no one around, except for that one volvo in front of me trying to speed away at over 120mph ( i was trying to catch up to him from way behind ). I need a lawyer, and fast.

Anyhow... i got to race the gti 20th a couple of times from a stop and from a roll. Every time, stop and roll, i would pull... but nothing like my great launches. He easily runs low 14's @ ~98mph with his modifications. He has chip, intake, bov, and some other things. Pretty much he said he has about 220hp and 230lbs trq. We do it from a stop twice, the second time, once i was about 2 cars in front, he just stopped. The first time, he kept trying, thinking he would eventually catch up. This is the video that i have. We stop at a red light, we both launch, as you can see he has a little better reaction time, but in a matter of seconds i am at least a bus length in front, and pulling. I probably beat him to 80mph but 6-8 car lengths. Check out the video.