EVO vs 04 M3....
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    EVO vs 04 M3....

    After droping off my lady this evening I was heading back home at 1am when I see some sexy HID's appear in my rearview at a pretty good pace so I started to get pretty excited. So I slow the EVO down to see what we had and sure enough a bran-new M3 with temp tags. We pace each other for a few minutes and make it to a redlight and we are chit chatting, he was excited to get to see what his new toy could do. So we just jockey around for a few more redlights and he said he wanted to go from a roll a few times because we both agreed from a stop it wouldnt be close.

    So the light turns green and we roll out to a healthy 30MPH and I tell him he can do all the honking. To be a stock car I was impressed, put up a better fight than the usual rustangs that I get to play around with. However from our 30MPH roll and the 45MPH roll I shut down each time with about 2 to 3 cars on him, and I'm sure it would of gotten worse. By this time we roll along side a gas station and I tell him I'm gonna fill up real quick before I have to hit I-95 and head off so he follows me in. Basically we just did a car swap it seemed and he was glued to mine as I was his. Had he offered to trade me I would of handed him the title on the spot dear god what a perfect gorgeous car. We talked some more and he turned out to be a huge car fan and was really liking the EVO and admitted he thought it would of been closer. However he got the biggest kick when I told him my car was 333WHP he thought I was joking around and poking fun at his M3. But we shook hands headed off on our own ways and called it a night.

    Had a great time and was impressed with the M3. On a serious note anyone traveling I-95 North or South bound slow the hell down between exits 80 all the way to 100. I do the trip probably 2 times a week between 8pm and 2am and I've been hit with laser almost everytime except tonite and that was only because he had someone pulled over. I have the Blinder M-20 laser jammer so it doesnt matter but I still take it slow through there because they have been really enforcing it heavy this past month and I imagine it will only get worse as it gets warmer.

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    nice run
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    Quote Originally Posted by WRXcelration
    nice run
    Yessssssss!!!!! http://www.clubwrx.net/forums/search...earchid=363955
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